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Want To Transform Patient Experience? All You Need is Customer Feedback

Want To Transform Patient Experience? All You Need is Customer Feedback
Want To Transform Patient Experience? All You Need is Customer Feedback

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Healthcare facilities always want to provide the best for their clients, including increasing the quality and efficiency of their patient experience. What can they do to achieve that goal? Where can they get accurate information on what patients need? From the patients themselves, of course.

Business Smart Solutions’ Customer Feedback Module, a component of our queue management system, SMARTQUEUE®️, can help identify underlying issues, important input/feedback, and possible opportunities. With this revolutionary feature, healthcare facilities can continually improve service standards and cut back on inefficiencies by acquiring feedbacks directly from the patients.

A Customer Feedback Module allows patients to understand that the healthcare facility appreciates their input and it is valued in the process of improving patient experience. Additionally, feedback from patients can help create service KPIs and innovation culture within the staff.

How can we maximise the usage of the Customer Feedback Module in healthcare facilities? Business Smart Solutions can help guide you. Read on.

Introducing Business Smart Solutions’ Customer Feedback

Familiarise yourself with our Customer Feedback Module and how it can provide useful insights in improving patient experience. We have extensive experience in implementing this module in various branches.

Introducing Business Smart Solutions’ Customer Feedback

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Maximising Customer Feedback and Get Insights

Different formats for capturing information
Business Smart Solutions (BSS) offers various formats within the Customer Feedback Module to collect insights from patients. With each format having its own advantages and limitations, Business Smart Solutions is certain that there is a format that will best suit your data requirement. Here are the options:

  • Smiley Format – With the Smiley Format, you can collect simple data and gauge general levels of satisfaction.
  • Multilevel Questions – You can have more than 1 question set, with the answering format either in Smiley or Stars, based on your facility’s preference.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions – Obtaining customer feedback through multiple-choice questions is a great way to get accurate inputs and data for a specific segment of the service, as you are able to get specific answers.
  • Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Selection – With this format, you are able to find out the general opinion on the patient experience.
  • Free Form Response – Patients and visitors are able to describe their satisfaction or dissatisfaction in detail through a free form response via keyboard.

Customer Experience (CX) Response Measurement
Understandable insights that can be translated into measurable and actionable outputs are very useful for a business, especially a healthcare facility. The Customer Feedback Module provides an in-depth report that details a patient/visitor service from the point of entry to the point of exit. The report details who served them, how long their waiting time was, their service length, and their feedback on the service received.

All this data can help you identify areas of improvement by spotting areas that need further attention. The report is exportable, which means you can share the insights you have acquired with all stakeholders to collectively improve the patient experience with input directly from the visitors.

Capturing and Acting Upon Feedbacks Will Benefit Everyone

Identifying opportunities for improvement through feedbacks can have lasting benefits not only for patients but also staff and the entire facility. With continuous improvements, the quality and value of service received from your facility are set to a higher standard than competitors. Additionally, acquiring feedbacks with this module shows that the facility cares about its patients and values their opinions.

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