Essential to any financial institutions are fast, efficient and easy to use cheque encode and personalisation devices.

BSS carries devices that are designed to meet the demands of today’s banking environments.

Our cheque encoding and personalisation devices takes maximum advantages of the available technology providing a powerful production environment for cheque book printing and encoding of cheques or valuable documents.

For the purpose of security and to make cheque transactions safer, we deliver quality Impact MICR technologies.

Impact technology gives a type-writer style MICR imprints to your documents. With impact technology, faking a MICR document extremely hard to do.

Unlike laser technologies that prints complete cheque fields, impact technology saves MICR magnetic inks by specifically printing MICR characters only, saving great costs on on-going consumables.

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FZA-2155 (BP63)

The FZA-2155 is a mid to high volume impact cheque printer that prints personalisation and MICR characters simultaneously in one single pass. The printer has the ability to print high quality cheques and international standard MICR documents. The FZA-2155 prints both CMC7 and E13B MICR characters and pre-encodes cheque numbers, account and BSB numbers, payee’s details, and any general fields required for cheque processing.