SMARTTAB™: Integrated Multimedia Tabular Information System

Integrated Multimedia Tabular Information System

SMARTTAB™  will enhance the way you display, update and advertise your information. It provides clear and accurate information to customers in a professional and elegant manner.
SMARTTABTM  With the capability to display information in single or multiple display setups, SMARTTABTM helps showcase dynamic information in a customisable design and layout, featuring easy to use and highly flexible software and non-proprietary hardware options.
  • Upsell your products and services with digital signage and running text
  • Flexibility to personalise number of columns, rows and designs
  • Display information in elegant tabular formats
  • Clear and vibrant display of information
  • Enhance your corporate profile
SMARTTAB™: Multimedia Information Display
SMARTTABTM  allows the display of advertising or multimedia contents simultaneously with the main information Users have full control of the content, including the look, design and layout of the tabular display. They also have full advantage of the ample screen space and full-colour capability to display dynamic information, including multiple scrolling text and running text.

The Main Features
of Multimedia Information Display

Portrait or landscape

Display unlimited number of information in portrait or landscape


Manually update tabular information easily through wired/wireless web portal locally or centrally

The Key Benefits
of Integrated Multimedia Tabular Information System

Cost Efficient

Reduce Costs

Less effort and human resources needed to update the information on the displays.


Leverage Corporate Image

Increased visibility of corporate image with corporate logo display, advertisements and announcements in a professionally-designed interface.

Increase Business Exposure

Combined display system allows any other advertising or information to be displayed along with the main information. System can be used for full-screen advertising space display after business hours if needed.

Integrated Multimedia Tabular Information System
is Suitable for


Restaurants / Cafe

To display menus and prices



To display prescriptions and products
Retail Store

Shopping Centres

To display building directories or product offers

Hospitals / Clinics

To display clinic, reception and waiting room directories


Training Centres / Universities

To display building directories or exam timetables

Courts / Government Offices

To display court or meeting schedules

Airports / subways / ferry terminals

To display departure & arrival times

Recreational Areas

To display clinic, reception and waiting room directories

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