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Foreign Exchange Rate Display

As a solution, SMARTFOREX® does not only enable effective update and distribution of foreign exchange (forex) rate information, but also allows you to do business in a way that is most acceptable to your local customers.

Whether you are a money changer in Dubai, a travel agency in Thailand, a bank in Sweden, or a hotel in Korea, SMARTFOREX® is available in local languages to support your business and make it suit the specific characteristics of your local customers – the language they speak. SMARTFOREX® supports numerous languages from all around the world to ensure that you speak in the language that your local customers understand. See samples of languages that SMARTFOREX® supports in this brochure.* If you are unsure if SMARTFOREX® is available in your language, contact us in and our team would be more than happy to help you. For more information on how SMARTFOREX® help you supercharge your profits, click to download the brochure.

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