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The best queue management solution for healthcare is here, improve patient experience at your facility with SMARTQUEUE.

Enhance the experiences of
patients and staff with SMARTQUEUE®

Streamline patient check-in, reduce waiting times, and optimise resource allocation for a seamless healthcare experience.

Efficient laboratory operations start with SMARTQUEUE®. Simplify patient check-in, optimise resource allocation, and improve the overall patient experience in the lab.

More efficient experience to patients by shortening wait times, providing timely updates, and automating staff workload management through workflows and processes.
Maximise the use of resources and capacity, providing continuous patient updates throughout their journey. Create an efficient operation by harmonising booked appointments and walk-in services.

Benefits of SMARTQUEUE® for HealthCare

Enhancing the patient experience and the operational efficiency of healthcare providers
Streamlined Patient Check-in

Streamlined Patient

Minimise wait times with quick and easy check-in
Improved Staff Efficiency

Improved Staff

Optimise staff workload to let them focus on patient care, not administrative tasks
Enchanced Patient Satisfaction

Enhanced Patient

Satisfied patients will return and recommend your facility, improving loyalty and retention
Benefits of SMARTQUEUE® for HealthCare

How Does it Work?

SMARTQUEUE simplifies patient journeys in four easy steps:

Patient Self-Check-in

Patient Self-Check-in

SMARTQUEUE allows patients to check in quickly and efficiently, minimising their waiting time and enhancing the patient experience.

Real time Queue Management

Real-time Queue Management

Our system keeps track of patient flow, ensuring a smooth and timely experience.
Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated Appointment Reminders

Patients receive automated reminders, reducing no-shows and late arrivals.
SMARTQUEUE® FOR HEALTHCARE The best queue management solution for healthcare is here, improve patient experience at your facility with SMARTQUEUE.

Customizable Patient Communication

Cater to patient’s needs by tailoring your communicational tone and delivery


Streamlined Patient Check-in

Simplify queueing process and reduce administrative overhead

Dashboard Monitoring

Oversee every situations in your operations and adjust accordingly.

Centralized Reporting

Enable data-driven analysis to design a more effective service.

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