Business Smart Solutions - Customer Experience Solutions

Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions

Allow your business to stand out by delivering exceptional customer experience across channels through effective customer flow management and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reporting.


Cheque Processing Solutions

End-to-end cheque related solutions, including cheque truncation, cheque quality assurance, etc, to help banking and financial institutions to streamline cheque processing, reduce costs and minimise reject rate and fraud.


Real-time Forex Display Solutions

The most effective way to distribute and display foreign exchange rates with real-time rate update, unlimited currencies display, and integrated multimedia advertising.

Customer Experience Solutions

Customer Feedback Management Solution

Show that you care about your customers by incorporating their feedback into your business improvements.


Cash Processing Solutions

Complete solutions of counterfeit detectors, enabling visual authenticity control of multi-currency banknotes and security documents.

Multimedia Information Display

Multimedia Information Display

Display any tabular information whilst advertising your products/ services. Show menus/ timetables in multiple languages for retailers, courts, education sectors & travel centres etc.

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