SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions

Customer experience is every interaction and touchpoint that they have with the business both the physical and emotional aspects. These interactions have the potential to improve or destroy the overall image of your organisation.

Delivering exceptional customer experience will attract new customers and retain existing customers which will result in more revenue for your business.

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Elevate your business with SMARTQUEUE features ensuring that your customers receive the best experience resulting in an increased number of interactions and transactions for your business.

SMARTQUEUE Enhances Your Customer Experience by:

Acquire Customer Feedback

Identify what your customers want and need with SMARTQUEUES Customer Feedback solutions with capabilities to create custom surveys that suit your business.


Improve your customer service experience without changing the values and unique approaches that define your business, enhanced with the SMARTQUEUE solution that seamlessly integrates with your business.

Omni-Channel Solutions

SMARTQUEUE’s omni-channel solutions provide your customers with the flexibility to choose their preferred methods of interacting with your business.

Data Analytics & Metrics

SMARTQUEUE enables businesses to identify their KPIs and actionable data through data analytics to make informed decisions.

Improved Customer Journey

SMARTQUEUE assists in identifying crucial touchpoints and interactions that businesses need to implement for a seamless and flawless customer journey experience.

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