A fast, efficient and easy-to-use cheque encoder is a must for any financial institutions. BSS carries several models of MICR encoders that fit the demands of today’s banking environments.Our cheque encoders take maximum advantages of the available technology providing a powerful production environment for cheque book printing and encoding of cheques or valuable documents.


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CheXpress CX30

Low Cost and Portable Remote Deposit Scanners

Businesses of all sizes have recognized the tremendous efficiencies associated with transitioning from paper-based cheque deposit processes to a remote deposit capture solution. Smartly designed to accommodate the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, CheXpress CX30 comes as a pioneer in remote deposit scanners as an affordable solutions in its class which combines high performance and proven durability, making it one of the best-selling remote deposit scanners of all time.

Fuji FZ-1027

Low Cost MICR Encoder

This high quality, small-sized, and low cost MICR Encoder is already installed more than 100,000 (including OEM) sets in the world.

Fuji FZ-1181

High Speed MICR Encoder with Auto-Hopper

FZ1181 is an international standard MICR Encoder, leading in performance, price and quality that guarantees superior quality in cheque encoding.