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Floor Standing iPad Enclosure Kiosk with Personalised Message Panel Stand (for iPad 1/2/3/4/Air)

Floor stands

Make a statement while displaying your iPad. This floor standing iPad enclosure kiosk isa custom-made enclosure kiosk that enables you to add corporate brand or signage while displaying and securing your iPad.

Floor Standing Tablet Enclosure Kiosk (for iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy 10.1)

Floor Stands

Showcase your tablet with this elegant, slim, and sleek tablet floor stand. This floor stand kiosk comes with a steady yet lightweight free standing base that allow it to stand without any drilling holes, despite its height. The Galaxy Tab and iPad floor stand kiosk is specifically designed for secure yet user-friendly solution. You can easily install all of the components with very few and simple steps. For easier use, the kiosk stand offers selectable display angles and rotatable enclosure that is able to swivel (up tp 270°) and rotate in 90° angle, thus allowing you to display your tablet in a convenient and flexible manner, either in landscape or portrait orientation.