Chequebook Issuing Solution

Provide double security measures for your chequebook with cost-effective MICR printing and cheque personalisation
Minimise cheque fraud, decrease the cheque reject rate and streamline chequebook issuing all at once with SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™ Cheque book production commonly uses laser technology and is performed at a central location, often outsourced by financial institutions. This creates a number of problems, such as an increased amount of cheque fraud, increased rejection rate and high on-going costs.
One of the ways to reduce such problems is to automate cheque issuing with MICR impact technology that consistently produces high quality cheques. BSS presents to you SMARTCHEQUEBOOK™, a cheque issuing/printing application for printing personalisation and encoding of the MICR data with MICR Encoder and Personalisation Machines.

The Main Features
of Chequebook Issuing Solution

MICR Personalisation

MICR Encoding

using impact technology

Data Audit

Cheque Personalisation

using inkjet printer

Configurable template

for MICR & personalisation lines
Customer Data Import

Customer Data Import

to eliminate manual data input
User Management

User management

of access rights with log activity reports


of cheque printing history featuring easy search
Flexible implementation

Flexible implementation

for centralised, semi-centralised, and decentralised
*Depending on the cheque scanner specifications

The Integrated Hardware
of Chequebook Issuing Solution

High Volume Cheque Personalisation Encoder

The Key Benefits
of Cheque Book Issuing System

Fast proccess

Faster and more efficient chequebook issuing

Cost Efficient

Lower ongoing costs using impact technology

Effectively managed cheque inventory

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