System Integration

Business Smart Solutions provides a full range of business and system integration consulting services including business analysis and architecture, business planning, process improvements, design and implementation, upgrades and ongoing managed services and support. Systems integration of business systems requires an in-depth examination of the clients’ business approach and systems, the IT environment, the processes involved and company objectives.

After undertaking thorough analysis, we recommend the most suitable model for your business. Our system integrators are among the best with excellent inductive reasoning aptitude, diagnostic abilities and trouble-shooting capabilities as well as being up to date with the latest products and software components.

System Integration Services - Business Smart Solutions

Our system integration capabilities include:

File transfer/FTP
Terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR)
Microsoft Windows messaging system hooks
Microsoft Message Queue
Oracle Messaging
Screen-scrapping/robotic data entry
DDE/OLE/ActiveX on Windows platform
Custom Web controls for web-based applications

Services provided by our system integration engineers are:

Planning, designing and implementing application systems
Implementing, extending and customising enterprise software packages
Ongoing systems and applications management and maintenance
Integrating software and hardware components
Enterprise Application Integration

Training and change management
Knowledge transfer

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System Integration Services - Our Vision

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