Variety of display mountings with different types of setup are available to support your LED & LCD TV displays.

In addition to providing various LED/ LCD display monitors or signage – single to dual screens as well as free-standing or pedestal displays—BSS also offers a wide range of display mountings suitable for your business.
Incorporating advanced technology, our LED/LCD mounting solution provides you with:

Ergonomic design for optimum space usage and audience convenience; and
Secure yet effortless DIY installation for minimum cost and high usability.

Not only being ergonomic, our screen mountingsolution is also designed to accommodate aesthetic value so much so that they are more flexible and effective to help your display screens and digital signs communicate your corporate identity and messages to your customers.
Our mounting solution is available to support a variety of setups including:

Floor-standing, free-standing or pedestal mounting;
Table mounting or desktop mounting;
Wall mounting; and
Ceiling mounting.

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