Foreign Exchange Rate Display

Integrated Multimedia Foreign Exchange Information System

The Most Effective Way to Distribute and Display Foreign Exchange Rates

SMARTFOREX® is a revolutionary solution designed and developed with the main objective to enable effective update and distribution of foreign exchange (forex) rate information.

With flexible integration that is applicable in a local/branch or centralised setting, the information can be distributed from a single server to multiple displays or even branches across the globe.

SMARTFOREX® allows you to not only update an unlimited number of currencies and various format of multimedia, but also to personalise the designs and layout at any time.
To help you win more potential customers, improve customer service, enhance corporate image, generate more sales leads, and increase revenue and profit, SMARTFOREX® dynamic LCD-based display is capable of displaying foreign exchange rate information and multimedia content, either simultaneously or intermittently.

The Main Features
of Integrated Multimedia Foreign Exchange Information System

Non-proprietary Display with Various Mounting Options

Mobile tablet, Floor-standing, Free-standing, Panel-mounted, Desk-mounted, Wall-mounted, Ceiling-mounted

Foreign (Forex Exchange DIsplay)

Flexible Display Orientation

  • Portrait
  • Landscape

Selectable Design & Layout

  • Portrait
  • Landscape


Highly Configurable Predefined Template

  • 2-6 forex column
  • 2-level table heading (heading & subheading)\Currency listing
  • options (with/without country name or flag)
  • Definable disclaimer or banner
  • One-third or full-screen multimedia section
  • Left-to –right or right-to-left running text


Integrated Rate Information System

  • Unlimited number of currencies
  • Fixed and dynamic rows


Multilingual Capability

  • Unlimited number of currencies
  • Fixed and dynamic rows


Flexible Foreign Exchange Rate Update Capabilities

  • Manual Update
  • Schedule/Automatic Update


Scheduling Features

  • Update of forex rate information
  • Promotions of on-sale currencies
  • Playing of multimedia content
  • Running schedule of text
  • RSS Feeds


Preview Capability

Dashboard Monitoring An oversee tool for the management to monitor situation at the front-office.

Monitoring & Reporting Capability


Highly secure system

The Key Benefits
of Integrated Multimedia Foreign Exchange Information System


For Customers:

  • Reliable information with accurate, consistent, and up-to-date foreign exchange rates
  • More informative and entertaining display with running text, images, and videos


For Employee:

  • Efficient and effective updates of information rates and other content
  • Flexible design and layout customisation


For Management:

  • Reduce installation and maintenance cost
  • More secure information system
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer loyalty


For Company:

  • Leverage business performance
  • Enhanced corporate image

SMARTFOREX® is a Solution For:


Money Changers

Bank And Financial





Travel Agents

Retail Store

Retail Stores


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