A wide range of cheque processing machines seamlessly integrated with the banking system to improve efficiency and effectiveness of high volume cheque processing.

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CheXpress CX30

Low Cost and Portable Remote Deposit Scanners

Businesses of all sizes have recognized the tremendous efficiencies associated with transitioning from paper-based cheque deposit processes to a remote deposit capture solution. Smartly designed to accommodate the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, CheXpress CX30 comes as a pioneer in remote deposit scanners as an affordable solutions in its class which combines high performance and proven durability, making it one of the best-selling remote deposit scanners of all time.


Cheque Scanners with Dual Functionality

The FB 70 is different to other cheque scanners with dual functionality as a cheque scanner and a document scanner. Ideal for financial institutions, FB 70 assist customer service officers with more than just document scanning. The FB 70 eliminates redundant steps of scanning and depositing documents with its 2 in 1 scanning and cheque deposit capability. The compact and reliable desktop scanner allows the user to process documents with a minimum in time and effort with advanced features including:

Fuji FB-20

The fastest portable cheque image scanners

The FB-20 is one of the fastest portable cheque image scanners, designed for both front and back o ffice operations environments.

Scanning, storing, archiving and retrieving cheque images and MICR data can now be easy, flexible and accurate without compromising time, effort and money.

Fuji FB-30

Very Compact Cheque Scanner


Fuji FZ-1027

Low Cost MICR Encoder

This high quality, small-sized, and low cost MICR Encoder is already installed more than 100,000 (including OEM) sets in the world.

Fuji FZ-1181

High Speed MICR Encoder with Auto-Hopper

FZ1181 is an international standard MICR Encoder, leading in performance, price and quality that guarantees superior quality in cheque encoding.

FZA-2155 (BP63)

The FZA-2155 is a mid to high volume impact cheque printer that prints personalisation and MICR characters simultaneously in one single pass. The printer has the ability to print high quality cheques and international standard MICR documents. The FZA-2155 prints both CMC7 and E13B MICR characters and pre-encodes cheque numbers, account and BSB numbers, payee’s details, and any general fields required for cheque processing.

FZA-3165/ FZA-3166

MICR Cheque Reader, Sorter and Image Scanner (FZA-3165/ FZA-3166)

Our range of high speed document and cheque processing machines enable customers to choose the exact configuration they need for their application. It integrates the most up-to-date image capture technology by using front/rear CCD cameras, a back endorser that allows you to print any bitmap image, a large sorting capacity through the use of up to 36 sorting pockets and an extremely high processing speed of up to 270 DPM.

RDM Connect

Compact Check Scanner

The RDM Connect is in an affordable compact check scanner that offers all of the features and sophistication of an expensive large batch check scanner. Its feature‐rich design enhances workflow by offering functionality that supports the processing of single documents, or several documents. With its duplex imaging features for both paper documents and identification cards, such as a drivers license, combined with E13b MICR, OCR reading, physical endorsement and franking acknowledgement printers, RDM Connect is ideally suited to support remote deposit capture, branch capture, walk‐in bill payment and check cashing solutions.

RDM EC7000i Series Cheque Scanner

Industry’s First Feature-rich, Low cost, Two-sided Scanner.

RDM EC7000i Series is the industry’s first feature-rich, low cost, two-sided scanner. With its small footprint, connectivity to the most popular POS terminals, and industry leading MICR and image technology, the EC7000i Series provides a low cost, two-sided imaging solution for merchants and low volume billers who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Cheque 21.

RDM EC7500i Series Cheque Scanner

RDM’s EC7500i series cheque scanner is specifically designed for low volume billers and small business merchants for Remote Deposit Capture and electronic cheque acceptance at a price that they can afford.

RDM Image Qualifier X97-OCR

RDM Image Qualifier X97-OCR (IQX97-OCR) is a cheque Image Readiness testing system that includes a calibrated tabletop scanner and Windows®-based software. RDM’s Image Qualifiers are installed in major financial institutions, printers, and equipment vendors in over 35 countries. It is the industry standard for validating image quality of cheques against ANSI standards.