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Customer Feedback: An Excellent Way to Gain Competitive Advantage

Customer Feedback: An Excellent Way to Gain Competitive Advantage
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In business, competition refers to a contest or rivalry between companies that sell similar products or services to the same target audience in order to increase sales, revenue, and market share. This competition is inevitable. That is a proven fact. There are always other businesses in a similar lane, no matter how unique the products or services one business offers.

Every year, business competition becomes more and more intense. That is why offering unique and distinct products or services is not enough to win your customers’ hearts. Your business has to be able to live up to your customers’ expectations, including the quality of the products and services, as well as the experience they have while interacting with your company.

Although the rivalry between businesses can be intimidating, healthy competition is actually beneficial for businesses. For one, rivalry urges businesses to want to serve their customers better than how their competitors do. This would lead them to delve deeper into their customers’ actual needs, wants, and expectations.

Stay Ahead in the Competition by Listening to Your Customers

There is no better way to know your customers’ wants and needs than by asking them directly. Through customer feedback, customers provide information about their experience with your company. Customer feedback will give you insights into what actually happens during your customers’ visits. It will reveal what has gone smoothly as well as the issues they have possibly encountered. This will pinpoint which areas need improvements so that your company can meet your customers’ expectations going forward.

Do Not Let Customer Feedback Go to Waste

There is no point in acquiring customer feedback if your company is not actually going to do anything about it. You need to use the useful information from customer feedback to create a strategic plan for your business. Therefore, you can make the necessary changes to improve your business and successfully win your customers’ trust, even when the competition between businesses keeps getting more and more intense.

With SMARTFEEDBACK™, Your Brand is in Good Hands

With SMARTFEEDBACK™, Your Brand is in Good Hands
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Collecting customer feedback is the first step your business needs to take. What your company needs is assistance from a customer feedback platform that will make this step as hassle-free as possible, like SMARTFEEDBACK from Business Smart Solutions (BSS).

SMARTFEEDBACK is a customer feedback management solution that will help your business gather customers’ opinions, concerns, needs, interests, and preferences accurately and effectively. Because of its ability to collect customer feedback in real-time, SMARTFEEDBACK will help your company get real insights from your customers.

As a highly efficient customer feedback platform, SMARTFEEDBACK comes with these beneficial features:

Offer freedom in terms of which topic you want the survey questions to focus on and how specific you want the questions to be. This freedom enables you to pick the ones that suit your company’s needs at the time, whether it is to identify areas of improvement, discover your customers’ preferences, or even everything at once.

Various formats of questions; including a single question, multiple-choice questions, smiley face selection, thumbs up or down selection, satisfaction scale, and free form response.

Various methods of submission, enable your customers to fill in their feedback using their preferred method. The choices include entering ticket numbers, scanning QR codes, through sent e-mails, or directly at the kiosk. Therefore, filling in the survey will not give them any inconvenience.

Generate comprehensive reports that are easy to read and coherent; therefore, you can discover customers’ needs and expectations more accurately.

Learn more about SMARTFEEDBACK here and let us help you win your customers in the highly competitive business era.