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3 Essential Customer Experience Solutions Healthcare Facilities Must Have

3 Essential Customer Experience Solutions Healthcare Facilities Must Have
3 Essential Customer Experience Solutions Healthcare Facilities Must Have
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Visits to healthcare facilities can be stressful and unpleasant for patients. The most common issues involve long waits and unsatisfactory service. It is essential for healthcare facilities to effectively manage the flow of patients. Doing so will help reduce patients’ stress while they are visiting a medical clinic, put them in a better mood to receive services, and finally, ensure they have a positive experience.

One possible reason behind unsatisfactory visits is patient overflow, and this is a challenge that healthcare facilities often face. Implementing customer experience solutions is one way for healthcare facilities to meet this challenge because of the various changes and accommodations they provide. That way, healthcare facilities are able to treat patients effectively, compassionately, and in a timely manner.

What Do Healthcare Facilities Need to Improve Patient Experience?

What Do Healthcare Facilities Need to Improve Patient Experience?
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Improving hospital visits for patients requires these customer experience solutions:

1. Virtual Queue

Virtual queueing has skyrocketed over recent years in most industries, mainly because it gives visitors the option to check in independently using their mobile devices by simply scanning the provided QR code. Virtual queueing is a tool that can improve customer experience in many ways. Firstly, it can minimise queue congestion and bottlenecks as visitors can actively wait off-premise. Moreover, when visitors use virtual queueing, they gain access to useful information on their own mobile devices. This includes their queue status, how many people are ahead of them in line, and the estimated waiting time. Virtual queueing is a customer experience solution that healthcare facilities must implement.

2. Appointment Booking System

Another way to improve hospital visits is by allowing patients to plan their appointments ahead of time, which is why healthcare facilities need an appointment booking system. With it, healthcare facilities can:

– Control and better anticipate how many people are coming to the facility.

– Increase staff efficiency and provide better service.

– Reduce no-show rate.

– Increase relationships with patients.

3. Business Intelligence Tool

Business intelligence is a technology-driven process to make data available for analysis and decision-making. With a business intelligence tool, healthcare facilities can monitor and evaluate all the operational processes, including waiting time, serving time, and staff performance. Therefore, they can identify areas of improvement that enable them to make necessary changes and provide patients with more effective services, which will improve the overall customer experience.

Those 3 customer experience solutions are imperative and beneficial tools for businesses, especially for healthcare facilities. Yet, it would be inconvenient to implement them one by one. Fortunately, SMARTQUEUE® from Business Smart Solutions (BSS) has a range of customer experience solutions, including virtual queueing, an appointment booking system, and a business intelligence tool, which can be used to improve the patient experience.

SMARTQUEUE®: An All-in-One Customer Experience Solution for Healthcare Facilities

SMARTQUEUE® is an omnichannel queue management system that is designed and developed to streamline customer flow and boost customer experience. This system supports multiple beneficial modules, including the 3 customer experience solutions healthcare facilities need, and more.

As a customer flow solution, SMARTQUEUE®offers a variety of check-in options for visitors, including virtual queueing, self-service ticketing kiosks, and concierge, which is the option for patients who need assistance checking in. This flexible check-in capability can minimise queue congestion and bottlenecks at healthcare facilities, resulting in a better patient experience.

SMARTQUEUE® is also equipped with a business intelligence tool that can generate comprehensive statistics and KPI reports. With this reporting tool, healthcare facilities will gain vital data, including waiting and serving time, customer volume, service quality, and staff performance. The quality data reported will then help healthcare facilities provide better service by revealing what needs to be changed and what needs to be kept up.

An appointment booking system, SMARTAPPOINTMENT, is also a part of SMARTQUEUE® as an additional module. It enables patients to schedule appointments through their own devices ahead of time. This module enables patients to get relevant information such as real-time availability. It also brings many advantages for healthcare facilities, such as enabling them to easily set service availability and booking slots.

Even more, SMARTQUEUE® also comes with a virtual caller module to help healthcare facilities transfer patients from one service or touchpoint to the next seamlessly and a multimedia display to keep patients informed on the estimated waiting time that will be displayed on the screen.

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