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Discovering Omni-channel Strategy and Its Benefits

Discovering Omni-channel Strategy and Its Benefits
Discovering Omni-channel Strategy and Its Benefits
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Omni-channel is a strategy used by businesses for promoting and distributing products or services. But, what exactly does this strategy encompasses? Is it necessary for your business? This article will inform all you need to know about it and help you decide, so read on!

What is Omni-channel?

The prefix Omni- in Omni-channel comes from the Latin word omnis, which means “all,” “every,” or “universal”. Thus, Omni-channel refers to an approach that enables customers to buy and receive purchases or services from several sales channels. The Omni-channel approach is designed to make the customer experience as streamlined and seamless as possible. Therefore, the end-to-end process is well integrated.

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Omni-channel is One Way to Win Your Customers’ Hearts

One fact you need to keep in mind is that Omni-channel focuses on customers and the overall customer experience. With Omni-Channel, your customers can get products and services the way they want to and at their convenience, which they would immensely appreciate.

Omni-channel does not only make it easier for customers to buy products or get services, but it also creates a consistent and comprehensive experience across all channels because everything is seamlessly integrated. This, of course, will increase customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience, which in turn, will benefit your business in the long run.

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Why Omni-channel is in Your Business’ Favour

Although Omni-channel focuses on customers, this does not mean your business will not get something out of it. On the contrary, Omni-channel offers a plethora of benefits for your business, such as increasing effectiveness (in terms of time, effort, and costs), improving staff productivity, increasing sales and revenue, and so many more. With so many positive impacts it offers, Omni-channel is good for your business and its growth.

Introducing SMARTQUEUE® and Its Omni-channel Service Delivery

Now that you know how beneficial it can be to utilise Omni-channel, it is time for us to introduce you to SMARTQUEUE® from Business Smart Solutions (BSS). SMARTQUEUE® is a queue management system that focuses on customer care and supporting businesses to grow continuously. However, it is not merely a queue management system. One thing that makes SMARTQUEUE® unique is that it provides Omni-channel service delivery. With various service delivery channels and touchpoints, both on-premises and off-premises, SMARTQUEUE® enables your customers to choose how they want to book services and check-in into the queue.

For on-premises touchpoints, here are the options:

Introducing SMARTQUEUE® and Its Omni-channel Service Delivery

– Physical KiosK

This option enables customers to check-in independently at the premise simply by scanning their ID card or member card, scanning their fingerprint, or inputting their data manually on the touch screen of the device.

Physical KiosK

– Mobile Staff

This option is intended for customers who are unable to check-in by themselves and require a little extra help and attention. The mobile staff can serve them personally and on the spot using mobile devices.

Mobile Staff

– Virtual Queue

For touchless check-in, customers can opt for the virtual queue. To check in and get queue tickets, customers only need to either scan a QR code or input their data manually via their own mobile devices. The virtual queue has a little more merit compared to the other touchpoints because customers can have access to informative details on their mobile devices. This includes their queue status, how many people are ahead of them in line, and the estimated waiting time.

Aside from those options, SMARTQUEUE® also provides an off-premises touchpoint, which is online appointment booking. This option enables customers to book, reserve, and schedule appointments at any time and anywhere via your business’ website or mobile apps.

SMARTQUEUE® is a queue management system that is well integrated; therefore, your customers will have a seamless journey whether they choose on-premises or off-premises service delivery. Omni-channel service delivery is only one of many beneficial features that SMARTQUEUE® has.

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