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3 Solutions to Give Your Customers a Fully Contactless Experience

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless innovations were considered non-essentials. Sure, at the time, those innovations would impress your customers as they would make your business seem more advanced compared to other businesses; yet, those contactless innovations were not necessarily needed. Without them, your business could still operate smoothly and could still provide your customers with what they need.

Time has changed. Now that the Coronavirus is among us and with a high possibility of staying here for a long time, implementing contactless innovations become a necessity for every business. Customer safety and customer satisfaction become the two top priorities, and understandably, these two key elements go hand in hand. The safer your customers feel when they interact with your business, the more satisfied they are. On the contrary, when your customers do not see your effort in keeping them safe during this uncertain time, they would be disappointed. In other words, you indirectly drive them away and that is the last thing any business leaders want for their business.

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One Step Further to Ensure Both Customer Safety and Customer Satisfaction

One Step Further to Ensure Both Customer Safety and Customer Satisfaction
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Primarily, COVID-19 transmits through droplets from infected people when they cough, sneeze, or talk. However, there is a transmission method that has been undermined by many people, which is the surface transmission. When people come in contact with infected surfaces, they can get exposed to this virus and get infected. Many businesses sanitise shared devices and equipment as often as possible as a way to minimise the risk of this type of transmission. However, doing that would not fully eliminate the risk of surface transmission. There is one simple answer for this: Providing a fully contactless customer experience.

Check out the following solutions from Business Smart Solutions (BSS) to help you get started in giving your customers a fully contactless experience.

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1. SMARTQUEUE® Virtual Queue

SMARTQUEUE® Virtual Queue
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Checking in and getting a queue number are usually done on a check-in kiosk at the entrance of a facility. This method requires customers to come in contact with a shared device, which can be a potential source of virus transmission. If you want to give your customers a fully contactless experience, the first step is to replace this method of checking-in and queuing with the one that requires no contact with any shared devices. Touchless check-in is possible with SMARTQUEUE® virtual queue system. Your customers can use their own mobile devices to scan a QR code before entering the facility. Aside from enabling touchless check-in, this virtual queue system also provides your customers with useful information, such as their queue status, how many people are ahead of them in line, and the estimated waiting time. Such informative details would be greatly appreciated by your customers.

2. SMS Notifications Feature from SMARTQUEUE®

SMS Notifications Feature from SMARTQUEUE®
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As a queue management system, SMARTQUEUE® has an additional feature, which is SMS notification. There are two main reasons SMS notification can help your business provide a fully contactless experience for your customers. First, SMS notification enables your customers to wait elsewhere while waiting for their turn. That way, the number of people, as well as the time they spend at your premise, can be kept to a minimum. Second, this feature works as a remote communication tool with your customers. For example, SMS notification will alert your customers with service turn reminders. Everything is automatic, contactless, personalised, and advantageous for both parties.

3.SMARTSURVEYS™ Customer Feedback Survey Management

SMARTSURVEYS™ Customer Feedback Survey Management
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It is crucial for a business to get feedback from customers. Customer feedback gives you a thorough insight into every aspect of your business, including your employees’ performance and the quality of your products and services. Without customer feedback, it would be difficult for your business to grow. There are various methods to collect customer feedback, but the most common is asking your customers to fill in a survey on a self-service kiosk at the location. This method, however, can be problematic nowadays as the COVID-19 is still running rampant. There is a customer feedback platform that can solve this problem for you: SMARTSURVEYS™ .

This customer feedback platform enables your business to collect customer feedback online. One of the most beneficial features of SMARTSURVEYS™ is the flexibility of methods and applications, including online surveys via email or SMS. This way, you can still collect customer feedback while reducing the risk of surface transmission. Surely, SMARTSURVEYS™ will complete your effort in giving your customers a fully contactless experience.

Those contactless solutions mentioned above do not only promote safety experience for your customers during this highly concerning time, but they also show your business’ dedication to keep your customers safe, which will impress them and take your business to the next level.

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