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Streamlining Student Services in Educational Institutions

Streamlining Student Services: Boost Satisfaction in Education
Streamlining Student Services: Boost Satisfaction in Education

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Increasingly competitive, institutions of higher and vocational education around Australia are vying to draw the interest of high-performing and ambitious students since rankings and student reviews have been proven crucial for all institutions.

Overall satisfaction of students is a key factor in university ranking systems in Australia. Decreasing the level of dissatisfaction should be a priority for all higher and vocational education institutions and their administrators. One thing that really affects students’ satisfaction is their experience at the student centre.

The employees at the student centre handle the administrations of hundreds of students; thus, queuing is unavoidable. Long waits and lines can be irritating for everyone, including students. Busy students need to use time efficiently to balance campus life and personal life; therefore, they would prefer not to spend an entire day waiting to register for classes, make payments, or get a new student ID that they have misplaced.

Dismantling Obstacles to Revamp Student Experience

Addressing pressing issues on student services is not only going to improve the student experience at the student centre and help lessen irritation, but it will also boost students’ satisfaction, which is increasingly important for educational institutions.

The key challenge for many educational institutions is the capability to provide a personalized service without overspending on money, human resource, and time.

Specific and special enquiries that cannot be found on the educational institution’s resources, such as online manuals, need specialized services. This would usually lead to students needing to speak to a representative, rather than trying self-service.

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An appointment booking system can save students a lot of time and increase their efficiency. By choosing a specific time to meet with a representative, students can spend their time studying, attending their classes, or socialising instead of waiting in line.

Defining the Perfect Student Centre

With the assistance of cutting-edge technology, increasing students’ satisfaction by providing a more efficient service is more possible than ever.

With the SMARTQUEUE® Solution, educational institutions can combine all the benefits of in-person service, an online appointment booking system, and self-service and eliminate all the shortcomings.

At every step of the way, Business Smart Solutions Pty Ltd (BSS) is there to accommodate your business and technical requirements. Because our queue management solution, SMARTQUEUE®, is developed in-house, we can accommodate your needs more flexibly.

Benefits for Students

As campus life can get very busy, BSS understands how important it is to have a system that can accommodate students’ lifestyle. SMARTQUEUE®’s additional module, the Online Booking Appointment System, allows a student to flexibly choose the time to see a representative or receive a service for their enquiries.

Additionally, another additional module of SMARTQUEUE®, the SMS Notification System, can keep crowd levels within waiting areas at bay. Our SMS Notification System allows students to wait for their service remotely and off-premises. Whether it is to quickly see a teacher, grab a coffee, catch up with a friend, the SMS Notification system can help keep students up to date on their queue status, and alert them when their turn is almost due.

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Benefits for Educational & Training Institutions

Anticipating crowd levels and the capability to allocate staff effectively are two of the tremendous benefits of SMARTQUEUE®. Furthermore, the ability to download and view summaries of student center activity allows administrators and management to take necessary actions to further increase students’ satisfaction.

Streamlining student services can result in better allocation of staff and efficient distribution of workload. With the ease in managing queues, the satisfaction of staff potentially increases parallel with students’ satisfaction.

Increase in Students’ Satisfaction

With less time wasted in queues and more free time to fill with activities, student satisfaction levels can increase. Improved ratings from students will likely attract new students and let current students know of the efficient student centre.

SMARTQUEUE® has been proven to be beneficial not only to educational and training institutions, but also to other business sectors.

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