Safe Queueing

with SMARTQUEUE® Additional Modules
After COVID-19 pandemic, the world is heading towards the new normal. However, businesses and service providers are still at great risk. Therefore, they need to stay compliant within the strict COVID-19 regulations to lessen the rate of infection.
Get full control of your customer and business process flow to ensure safety operations through lesser touch points, while still providing customers with outstanding service and experience.

Maximise your time with our Appointment Booking System Module

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system comes with Appointment Booking System Module to allow businesses to take control of the number of customers coming in at certain periods so that you can minimise crowd at your premises. Having to manage appointment before providing service, this queue management solution also allows you to maximise staff allocation.

SMARTQUEUE® Appointment Booking System Module is user-friendly and can be linked to a client’s website for easy access by customers. Once a customer has booked for a service, a booking confirmation will be sent to customers by email. Providing flexibility, this service booking system also allows customers to easily navigate their booking, whether it is to cancel or reschedule.

The Appointment Booking System Module is capable of fully integrating into an existing SMARTQUEUE® Solution.


Wait Off-premises with the Help of Automatic Notification System

As an alternative to service booking, SMARTQUEUE® queue management system also comes with SMS Notification system to allow customers to wait outside the premise to prevent queue and formation of crowd.

At the ticketing kiosks, once customers have checked in for their service, they can choose to receive SMS notification and be informed about their service turns. This way, they can organise their waiting time more effectively, perhaps for preparing documents before being served, running errands, window shopping, grabbing a coffee, or simply waiting at a safer place to avoid risk of contamination, without worries of missing their service turn.

The Customer Notification system of SMARTQUEUE® queue management system can automatically send full configurable messages and notifications for customers. With previously set parameters, businesses can trigger automatic SMS to inform customers when their service turn is almost due. Additionally, the Notification System also can be used internally for sending automatic messages to staff, in the case of any thresholds or SLA being exceeded.

Safer queueing in the new normal is vital for people to be able to receive much-needed services such as healthcare, government services and more. To follow government restrictions and regulation on safe-keeping and reducing the risk of infection, additional modules such as Appointment Booking System and Customer Notification System are vital to add to your existing queue management Solution, or important to consider when implementing a brand new SMARTQUEUE® customer flow management solution.

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