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The COVID-19 Pandemic: Catalyst for the World’s Digital Transformation!

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Like a bolt of lightning in a middle of a peaceful night, COVID-19 arrives in our life unexpected and unwelcomed. Everything suddenly becomes uncertain, gloomy, and alarming. The impacts are apparent and abrupt. People are afraid to go out, physical proximity becomes thing to avoid, and daily customs change significantly.

In early 2020, many people believed the arrival of the COVID-19 is only the tip of the iceberg and that the situation will only get worse. To some extent, it is true. This pandemic keeps bringing distress and grief to a lot of people. So, what can we possibly get out of something so horrible? What most people fail to see is that the global pandemic has sped up digital transformation in every aspect of life.

Like it had always been for mankind, it is always a matter of survival. No matter how horrible the situation gets, everybody needs to adapt and endure in order to survive. If you cannot adapt, you cannot survive. It is the simple law of nature. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated everybody to practice social distancing and this regulation disrupts most activities, including education, work, and any social activities. Because of the social distancing regulation, people rely on technologies to survive. This reliance becomes a focal point for digitisation.

Mind you, the digital transformation had begun far before the pandemic arrived. However, the lack of budget, urgency, and purpose often become barriers to the digital transformation we all can benefit from. In the most unexpected way, this pandemic destroys all those barriers for us and opens up the path to the new era of technologies.

The Most Noticeable Digital Transformation

During this pandemic, virtual collaboration tools – Zoom, Google Meet, GSuite, and Microsoft Teams among many others – are on the rise. Schools and offices utilise those virtual collaboration tools in order to be able to operate under the current circumstances. They started as survival tools; however, more and more people experience how beneficial and effective they can be. It is evident as more and more virtual collaboration tools are developed and businesses have never been more interested.

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Aside from virtual collaboration tools, the most prominent digital transformation can be seen in the alteration of the queueing management system. Recently, many businesses have switched from conventional queuing to a virtual queue system and an online appointment booking system. These digital channels do not only help businesses operate smoothly during the pandemic, but they also have changed the queuing experience for the better. It is apparent that virtual queue and online appointment booking will stay long after the pandemic is over.

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The Importance of Investing in Digital Assets

The majority of businesses are struggling during this difficult time. However, it has been proven that businesses that had no digital assets at the beginning of the pandemic had a harder time pulling through than those with digital assets already in hand. If this pandemic teaches us anything, it is better to be prepared than regret it later for not being prepared enough. Therefore, it is high time for you to start investing in digital assets. After all, we live in an era where technology keeps advancing at full speed.

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