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The Significance of SMARTQUEUE® for Vaccination Centres

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Through vaccination, the COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end once and for all. “How does that work?” you may ask. When enough people have been vaccinated, virus transmission from one person to another will significantly decrease. Finally, herd immunity can be achieved, which means it will be the end of this pandemic. Sounds like an ideal circumstance, does it not? However, there is a catch! This notion can only be succeeded if everybody in the community is cooperative. Yet, by far, this has been a challenge.

Although many people are eager to get their shots, sadly there are also a number of people who are hesitant. Logically speaking, if there were a way to keep people safe from this virus, everybody would be in favour of it. So, why are there people who are unwilling to get their doses of vaccine? The problem is, vaccination centres have thousands of patients every day, which makes some people afraid to go there. They do not want to put themselves at unnecessary risk; therefore, they choose not to get their doses of vaccine. It is quite understandable. An overcrowded place means a high-risk location for potential virus transmission. Even so, it is difficult to keep crowds to a minimum when there are millions of citizens to be vaccinated within a target of time. So, what is the best solution for it?

What vaccination centres need is a queue management system, like SMARTQUEUE® from Business Smart Solutions (BSS).

There are a plethora of choices of queue management systems in the market. So, why should vaccination centres choose SMARTQUEUE®? For one, SMARTQUEUE® focuses not only on customer care but also on continuous improvement. Through flexible check-in options and insightful analytics, this queue management solution will ensure the vaccination program runs smoothly and successfully while minimising the risk of any further spreading within the process.

SMARTQUEUE® can really make a difference for vaccination centres. Here is how:

SMARTQUEUE® Provides a Seamless Queuing Experience for Patients and Speed Up the Vaccination Process

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When people get their doses of vaccine, there is a series of process that needs to be followed. First is the check-in process, follows by health screening to make sure the patients are healthy and eligible to get their shots. Then, the eligible patients can receive their vaccination. After that, they need to stay for a while for observation before they are allowed to go home.

With this series of process, multiple queues are inevitable and the transfer from one service to another is often problematic. To tackle this issue, SMARTQUEUE® comes with a web-based patient-calling module that enables staff to call, recall, and transfer patient without much hassle. Furthermore, SMARTQUEUE® also comes with real-time dashboard monitoring. This module can keep track of how many people are in line as well as waiting and serving time, which will ensure the vaccination process to be more efficient, as well as eliminate bottlenecks and queue congestions. With queue congestions out of the way, the staff can focus more on their main tasks rather than managing crowds and lines.

SMARTQUEUE® Provides Omnichannel Check-in

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To eliminate queue congestions during the registration process, SMARTQUEUE® provides omnichannel check-in for the patients. For off-premise check-in, online appointment booking is available through the vaccination centres’ websites or apps.

For on-premise check-in, the patients can have the choice of whether to do the re-registration at the physical kiosk, virtual queue (QR-code scan), or with a mobile concierge. With these various options of check-in, the registration process will be faster, which of course, will also speed up the vaccination process in general. This means it will reduce the time patients spend at the location.

SMARTQUEUE® Enables Patients to Wait Anywhere

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SMARTQUEUE®’s SMS notification feature gives patients the flexibility to wait at the location or elsewhere without worrying about missing their turns. For patients who want to avoid crowds at the location, they will be able to wait at nearby places or the safety of their cars.

When it is time for them to go back to the vaccination centre, they will get informed through SMS notification. This benefit will hopefully encourage more people to get their doses of vaccine, even those who are terrified to get their shots because of the crowds at the vaccination centres.

SMARTQUEUE® Enables Vaccination Centres to Get Insights Directly from Patients

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Vaccination Centres cannot make improvements without feedback from the patients. This is the reason SMARTQUEUE® has a Customer Feedback Module, SMARTSURVEYS™.

With SMARTSURVEYS™, vaccination centres can get insights on satisfaction levels directly from the patients themselves. Patients can give their ratings whether at the location after they get their service or virtually through SMS, email, or mobile app. With this insight, vaccination centres can make necessary improvements. Therefore, more people will be willing to get their vaccinations.

The way towards successful COVID-19 vaccination rollout will be easier with SMARTQUEUE®. Contact us now to help you get started!

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