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Protect Your Customers from COVID-19 with Virtual Queue

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Protect Your Customers from COVID-19 with Virtual Queue

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The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Everyone is so alarmed by this virus because it spreads so easily. According to the WHO, the transmission of this virus can occur directly through physical contact with infected people or indirectly through contaminated objects or surfaces. Therefore, we are constantly at risk of being exposed to this new deadly virus wherever we go. Even more when we come in contact with public objects.

The dreadful truth is that we come in contact with public objects and surfaces all the time: at the restaurant, at the ATM, even when we check-in to a public place or print queue tickets. During the pandemic, business leaders need to find a way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in order to keep their customers safe. Therefore, shifting from the outdated queuing method to touchless queue check-in should be taken into consideration.

Touchless queue check-in is not only a way to practice social distancing, but it also the best way to reduce the potential of virus transmission through objects or surfaces that may be contaminated. That way, you will be able to minimise your customers’ safety risks. As a result, your business can run smoothly even during the pandemic.

No More Outdated Queuing Method, SMARTQUEUE® Virtual Queue Management Solution is the Answer

SMARTQUEUE® is a queue management system that will give your customers a new and safer queuing experience during the pandemic by utilizing technology to its fullest potential. We are aware that every customer has their own preference when it comes to accessing the services your company provides. That is exactly why SMARTQUEUE® provides Omni-Channel Service Delivery, which means this queuing system has various service delivery channels and touch points on or off-premise, allowing your customers to choose how they want to book services or get queue tickets. Virtual Queue is one of the service delivery channels and touch points that we provide. This particular system is actually developed as a solution to deal with the pandemic situation so that your customers will be able to interact with your services without the fear of being exposed to COVID-19.

With SMARTQUEUE® Virtual Queue, your customers can check-in virtually and independently via their mobile devices before entering your premise, simply by scanning the provided QR code. The QR code leads them to a list of your services along with important information regarding those services, enabling them to select the service they need and check-in virtually. Therefore, there is no need for your customers to touch any shared devices or being in close proximity to anyone, reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

With that being said, we are confident that SMARTQUEUE® is the best queue management system that you will ever come across. Its Virtual Queue creates a hygienic and safe environment especially during the pandemic by making sure physical interactions with shared devices are kept to a minimum, minimising crowd within the premise, and reducing the time your customers spend at your premise. Therefore, your customers will feel safe during their journey with your company even when there is this horrific virus going around.

Aside from Virtual Queue, SMARTQUEUE® offers a plethora of features that will benefit your company not only during the pandemic, but also far after the pandemic is over. That is because SMARTQUEUE® is here to encourage continuous improvement and business growth through Omni-Channel Service Delivery, accurate measurement of service performance and customer experience, and data-driven analytics for evaluation; therefore, your business can keep improving to be the best it can be.

You can find out all the details about SMARTQUEUE® here. Together, we can survive this pandemic and take your business to the next level. Contact us right now!