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SMARTQUEUE®: What Retail Businesses Need

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Retail businesses are often associated with long queues. Despite being tedious for the customers, many business leaders believe that long queues are normal and harmless. In actual fact, long waiting lines can upset customers or even refrain them from visiting altogether, which can be very damaging to one’s brand in the long run.

What if there was a better way to manage those long queues in retail stores? Good news! There is.

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Today’s technologies are developed to make humans’ life so much better and easier. For businesses, there is a technology that can help tackle the difficulties that come with long multiple queues, which is called a queue management system. This system is beneficial for various business sectors, including retails.

Because retail businesses sell products or offer services directly to the customers, customer satisfaction should be their number one priority, and this includes customers’ queuing experience. Many retail businesses still use conventional physical queues. More often than not, this type of queuing is problematic both for the business and its customers. However, with a proper queuing management system, the queue does not have to be one of the sources of distress; rather, it can give customers and retail businesses extra perks, such as:

– Eliminate unfair queuing
– Getting information on estimated waiting time
– Have the option to wait on the location or remotely
– Easy crowd and queue control
– Reduce walk-away customers
– Increase customer retention
– Streamline customer flow and increase customer experience (CX)
– Optimise staff’s productivity and service quality
– Increase sales
– Reduce costs

SMARTQUEUE®: The Solution to Retail Businesses’ Long Queues Issue

Among many other queuing management systems, SMARTQUEUE® from Business Smart Solutions (BSS) should be on the top of your list if you consider implementing a queue management system for your retail business. As a queue management solution, SMARTQUEUE® is customer-oriented and aims to encourage continuous improvement and growth for businesses. Through various Modules, this system does not only help organise queues, but also offers plenty of merits. Here are some of them:

• Provide a safer and improved way of queuing for your customers

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With SMARTQUEUE®, the customers of retail businesses do not have to endure any more time-wasting, tedious, and unfair type of queuing. With this system, your customers will have a first-hand experience of Virtual Queue, which enables them to do a contactless check-in and wait virtually from their mobile devices. This system also enables customers to check their queue number status and their estimated waiting time, which the usual physical waiting lines cannot provide.

• Enhance personalisation

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Your customers need to check-in virtually in order to be placed in the queue, which enable staff to access the inputted customers’ information. Granted access to this information will give your business a chance to provide a more personalised service to your customers because the staff will know what each customer needs as well as their preferences. Furthermore, your business can also provide the customers with special discounts and other personalised benefits or privileges.

• Increase planning

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Through in-depth statistics and KPI reports that SMARTQUEUE® produces, retail businesses can keep track of the most popular service or products, the most preferred or crowded location, as well as the busiest time in a day and the busiest days in a week or month. This allows business leaders to come up with more targeted and effective strategies and planning.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, SMARTQUEUE® has a plethora of features that will benefit your retail business. Trust us, this queuing system is just what your retail business needs! To help you get started, contact us at Our expert consultants will gladly help you.

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