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Is the Implementation of Digital Touchpoints Merely a Trend, or is There More to It?

Is the Implementation of Digital Touchpoints Merely a Trend, or is There More to It?
Is the Implementation of Digital Touchpoints Merely a Trend, or is There More to It?

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a tragedy that makes people alarmed, anxious, stressed, and disoriented. Since this deadly virus arrived, it had been a rough time for everybody, including business leaders. People’s adapting skills have been put to the test. Yet, believe it or not, something good actually came out from this world-shaking phenomenon. The pandemic has encouraged businesses to be more innovative in terms of delivering their services.

Some of the ideas businesses had come up with became trends. One trend, particularly, has become a breakthrough in the business world, which contributes greatly to the process of globalisation, and it will stay long after the pandemic ends. It should be no surprise that this breakthrough is the implementation of digital touchpoints.

At first, digital touchpoints were developed as a solution for businesses to be able to keep running smoothly and providing products and services to their customers around the beginning of the outbreak when businesses were under strict restrictions. Now, over a year later, digital touchpoints have become a preferred way for many people to acquire services or products, as well as to book services and appointments.

Digital touchpoints make everything simpler and convenient for customers. Unlike in the pre-digital age, there is no need for customers to go to the location of the business in order to get what they want, book services and appointments, or even merely to acquire information or help from the business itself. Now, it only takes several taps on their own devices to get what they need. Everything is presented there on the screen of their devices, which can be accessed in seconds and from anywhere.

Get on the Digital-Transition Train before It is Too Late!

Admittedly, what started as a trend has transformed into an essential requirement for businesses to succeed nowadays. With the rivalry between businesses keep increasing and the fact that the pandemic is not over yet, implementing digital touchpoints is a pressing matter. Surely, no business wants to get left behind. So, it is time to adopt and implement digital touchpoints, if you have not already.

To start you off, implement an online booking system and see for yourself how it benefits both your customers and your business. There are so many online booking systems out there on the market, but which one to choose? Let us introduce you to SMARTAPPOINTMENT™.

SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ for Your Online Booking Needs

SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ for Your Online Booking Needs

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As an appointment booking solution, SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ makes it a lot easier for your customers to book and schedule appointments through their devices. Not only is this system accessible anywhere and anytime, but it also allows your customers to:

  • Get information on certain services
  • Check real-time service availability and queue status in each branch
  • Pre-fill any necessary form
  • Get reminders for their upcoming appointments or reservations

SMARTAPPOINTMENT™’s benefits do not stop there. This appointment booking system gives your company many advantages from various features as well, such as:

  • Seamless website integration that allow your customers to book their services easily right from your website.
  • Centralised configuration, enabling you to set different services, hours, and staff allocation across different locations from a single point.
  • Real-time dashboard monitoring and comprehensive reporting to identify areas of improvement, increase staff’s productivity, and optimise service quality.
  • In-app push notifications to ensure professional and timely services.

Our expert consultants will gladly provide you with detailed information on SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ and its beneficial features to help get you started. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at now and complement your business with this useful appointment booking solution.

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