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Understanding Customer Flow and How to Improve It

Understanding Customer Flow and How to Improve It
Understanding Customer Flow and How to Improve It

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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased rivalry between businesses, which means business leaders need to ensure customers are happy and satisfied with their brand. One way to do that is by paying more attention to customer flow and finding various ways to improve it.

Customer Flow in Queue Management: What You Need to Know

Customer flow represents the orderliness of customers’ journey from the very beginning they interact with your business to the very end, including when the customers wait in line for their turn to be served. Although queuing is a tedious task, it is a part of life. Wherever people go, they would probably see queues or even stand in one themselves. The COVID-19 pandemic had forced everybody to keep a safe distance from other people. Ironically, this pandemic and its safety measures make people queue even more than before. This means business leaders need to step up and try to ease the nuisance of queueing for their customers. After all, eliminating queue bottlenecks will surely enhance customer flow.

Customer flow is closely related to customer satisfaction and customer experience (CX). The smoother the customer flow is, the higher the customer satisfaction is; hence, the greater the customer experience is as well. Monitoring and managing customer flow is not an easy job to do, especially during this pandemic. Worry not, there are always ways to tackle any obstacles.

Let’s Find Ways to Enhance Customer Flow!

If you are looking for a word of advice to enhance your business’ customer flow, you are reading the right article. Here are 3 tips to make sure you have a streamlined customer flow:

1. Offer a New Way of Queuing
The conventional physically-standing-in-line type of queueing is way outdated. Not only does it problematic, but also time-wasting. We live in the 21st Century and the technology in this era allows businesses to adopt the virtual queue system. So, why don’t you offer your customers this improved way of queueing? Virtual queueing provides a more systematic and organised way of queueing. Unlike the conventional type, virtual queuing makes it impossible for people to cut in line. Therefore, it eliminates any unfairness and minimises bottlenecks.

2. Give Your Customers the Certainty and the Information They Need while Waiting
Your customers get enough of uncertainty in life. Do they really need to endure more uncertainty while queueing? They do not deserve that, don’t you agree? Waiting in line without knowing how many people are ahead or how much longer they would need to wait can be frustrating. It is your chance to give them peace of mind by providing the necessary information for them, such as the estimated waiting time and how many people are in line. This information does not only benefit your customers, but also your business. These details enable your staff to anticipate crowd levels within the premise and to prevent overload in the queue or queue bottlenecks. This will undoubtedly give a boost to customer flow.

Give Your Customers the Certainty and the Information They Need while Waiting

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3. Hear What Your Customers Have to Say
How do you know your customers did not face any difficulties while they visited your business? How do you know whether your customers feel happy and satisfied? You may make speculations; however, you will never know precisely what your customers’ journeys were like if the details did not come from your customers themselves. Customer feedback is an invaluable piece of information. It is not only a liaison to ensure your customer had a nice visit, but also a tool to know how well your business’ customer flow is in the eyes of the customer. So, listen carefully to what your customers have to say. They will give you valuable insight on which things you need to pay attention to in order to make the customer flow even smoother.

Let SMARTQUEUE® Help Improve Your Business’ Customer Flow

As a customer flow management solution, SMARTQUEUE® does not only provide solutions to enhance your business’ customer flow, but this queue management system also aims to encourage continuous improvement and business growth through in-depth analytics on customer experience and service performance. Here is how SMARTQUEUE® can help streamline your business’ customer flow:

1. Virtual Queueing? We Got You Covered!
With SMARTQUEUE®’s Virtual Queue system, the conventional way of queueing will be thrown out the window and long forgotten. This system enables your customers to check in virtually by scanning the provided QR code with their mobile devices before entering your premise. Once they have checked in, your customers get their queue ticket, check their queue number status, and get notification when their service turns are almost due – all from their own mobile devices. A very convenient way if they decide to wait off the premise.

2. Providing All the Information for Your Customers and Your Staff
SMARTQUEUE® enables you to display real-time ticket number status and estimated waiting time both from the multimedia display on the premise or online which can be accessed by your customers on their mobile devices. This will give your customers a sense of security and certainty.
Not only beneficial for your customers, but SMARTQUEUE® is also advantageous for your staff. With its practical features such as Virtual Caller and Real-Time Dashboard Monitoring, this queue management solution allows staff to monitor customer volume, queue status, and customers’ waiting time to prevent bottlenecks and ensure smooth customer flow.

Providing All the Information for Your Customers and Your Staff

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3. Help you Listen to Your Customers
As SMARTQUEUE®’s additional module, SMARTSURVEYS™ will assist you to accurately and effectively gather customers’ opinions, concerns, needs, interests, and preferences in real-time. With the flexibility of methods and application it provides, you will easily and accurately get insight into your business’ customer flow and overall customer satisfaction.

For complete details of SMARTQUEUE®’s solution, you can click here or contact our expert consultants.