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What You Need to Know about Australian Consumer Behaviours during the COVID-19 Pandemic

What You Need to Know about Australian Consumer Behaviours during the COVID-19 Pandemic
What You Need to Know about Australian Consumer Behaviours during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected this world to a great extent and has caused many changes. One of the most noticeable changes is consumer behaviour. For Australians, specifically, some aspects have become defining factors of which places, businesses, or stores they would prefer to visit.

The presence of this infectious virus significantly affects how Australians shop and get services, as well as where they go to get them. Various companies have conducted studies focusing on this particular subject and they are all come to one conclusion: As Australians become more vigilant and aware of the potential health risks, they prefer to engage with businesses that impose strict COVID-19 preventive measures and integrate new technologies to prevent further virus transmission.

The Importance of Adjusting to These New Consumer Behaviors

How would you provide your customers with the highest standard if you have no idea what they need and expect? That is exactly why it is crucial to keep up and understand the changes in consumer behaviours. After all, it is businesses’ job to fulfil customers’ expectations and provide them with service that meets their needs, even if those needs are constantly changing.

Adjusting to new consumer behaviours is essential for a business to survive during this pandemic. However, adjusting is beyond “a survival move”. As it turns out, those new consumer habits will linger even after the pandemic is over. Therefore, putting preventive measures in place and adopting new technologies is imperative for the good of your business at the moment and for many years to come.

Solutions to Help Your Business Adapt with the Current Consumer Behaviors

According to a study by McKinsey and Company, “cleanliness and social distancing are two of the most important aspects for [Australian] customers as they decide where to shop in-store” nowadays. Business Smart Solutions (BSS) understands that businesses need to make these two aspects as priorities, which is why we recommend these two solutions to help businesses adjust to the current consumer behaviors in order to fulfill their needs and expectations.

1. SMARTQUEUE® Virtual Queue

SMARTQUEUE® Virtual Queue
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One of the most common issues that make it impossible to practice social distancing is physical queues. Replacing physical queues with virtual queues will solve this issue. As a queue management system that prioritises customer care, SMARTQUEUE® provides Omni-Channel Service Delivery; one of which is Virtual Queue.

With this virtual queue system, there is no need for your customers to physically wait in line waiting for their turn. Instead, they will be placed in a virtual waiting room. That way, they have the flexibility to wait remotely without worrying about missing their turns. This will, of course, promote a safer and cleaner business place, as the amount of time your customers spend at your business place will be decreased and crowds can be kept to a minimum.

To be placed in a virtual waiting room, customers only need to scan the provided QR code via their own mobile devices. Once they have done that, they can access important information ─ such as their queue status, how many people are ahead of them in line, and the estimated waiting time ─ from their mobile devices.

By implementing SMARTQUEUE®, it is easier to enforce social distancing and create a safer business place for your customers to visit.

2. SMARTGUARD™, Digital Signage with Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

ARTGUARD™, Digital Signage with Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
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SMARTGUARD™ is digital signage with an automatic and contactless hand sanitiser dispenser that will help keep your business place clean and hygienic. Aside from having the capability to display real-time information from a centralised Content Management System (CMS), this device is also equipped with an automatic sensor for contactless application and a drip tray to gather all the excess liquid and prevent them to drop to the floor.

With SMARTGUARD™, you can encourage healthy habits and promote a safer and healthier environment during the pandemic and even in the post-pandemic world.

With those two solutions, your business will be set to operate smoothly during the pandemic and help you meet your customers’ expectations. Contact our expert consultants at to help you get started.