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4 Tips to Create and Conduct Effective Customer Surveys

4 Tips to Create and Conduct Effective Customer Surveys

Conducting customer surveys is an integral part of any business operation. Through surveys, businesses can collect data on customers’ needs, preferences, opinions, and behavior. It is a way for businesses to gain valuable insights into their target markets and identify issues with their products or services so that they can make necessary adjustments.

While conducting surveys, it is important to remember that not everything always goes according to plan. For example, many customers are reluctant to fill in surveys because they find the process time-consuming and tedious. Furthermore, not all respondents answer the questions truthfully, which will elicit unreliable results that are not as helpful for a business’s growth. Luckily, those deficiencies can be minimised by creating well-designed surveys so that they will yield more reliable results.

What You Need to Pay Attention to When Creating Customer Surveys

What You Need to Pay Attention to When Creating Customer Surveys
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Designing and conducting surveys have their own challenges. Here are some tips to overcome them.

1. Have a clear goal for the survey

To gather data, first, a business needs to define the goal of the survey. This will help determine which surveys to conduct and which questions to ask. With a clear goal, the answers received from the survey will lead to a data set that can help businesses make data-driven decisions for continuous business improvement.

2. Choose short surveys and mention the approximate time to fill in the survey

When filling in surveys, everyone wants to get it done quickly. That is why long surveys are not the best choice. Long surveys are time-consuming. As a result, long surveys will receive fewer responses. On the contrary, short surveys can gather many more customer responses and can give a business a significant amount of valuable data. Therefore, always ensure to structure the survey using short questions. For instance, long questions can be broken down into 3 shorter questions. Not only will it be easier to be understood, but doing so will also make the survey feel shorter in time. Furthermore, it is also better to inform customers how much time approximately to complete the surveys. This will not only make them more willing to fill in the surveys, but it will also show them that their time is valued.

3. Ensure the questions are clear and use simple language

It is important for customers to understand the questions in the surveys easily so that they can put more thoughtful answers. That way, the surveys will elicit data that are more accurate and reliable. Hence, always make sure the questions put in the surveys are easy to understand and not ambiguous.

4. Use an effective customer feedback platform

Designing and conducting surveys are easier with the help of a customer feedback platform. There are many customer feedback platforms in the market. Make sure to choose the one that brings the most advantages to your business.

Trust SMARTFEEDBACK™ to Conquer the Challenges of Customer Surveys

Business Smart Solutions (BSS)’s queue management system, SMARTQUEUE®, has a customer feedback module called SMARTFEEDBACK. This customer feedback platform is a solution that your business can utilise to collect customers’ feedback, including their opinions, concerns, needs, interests, and preferences. It will give your business accurate and real-time results.

SMARTFEEDBACK can help your business design effective and well-structured surveys. It enables your business to adjust and customise each survey to meet its needs and goals. That means your company is the one to decide what is going to be in each survey (the focus of the survey, the questions, and even the format of questions). Therefore, you can ensure the questions are easy to understand and correspond to the goal of the survey.

As a customer feedback management solution, SMARTFEEDBACK provides various beneficial features so that your business can create and conduct effective customer surveys. One of these beneficial features is a variety of question formats that your business can choose from (including a single question, multiple-choice questions, smiley face selection, thumbs up or down selection, satisfaction scale, and free-form response). Furthermore, SMARTFEEDBACK also offers a variety of submission options for customers, allowing them to complete the survey and submit it using their preferred way. This feature will persuade more and more customers to fill in the survey. Finally, SMARTFEEDBACK will see to it that the data that are gathered are processed and presented in comprehensive reports that are easy to read and coherent. This feature can help reveal important metrics and pinpoint areas of improvement.

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