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3 New Features of SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solution

3 New Features of SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solution
3 New Features of SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solution

The competition in the business environment has drastically changed in recent years due to technological advancement and global growth. To remain profitable and successful, companies must apply suitable strategies, such as utilising customer experience solutions to their advantage.

Business Smart Solutions (BSS)’s SMARTQUEUE® is an omnichannel customer experience solution that can give your business a competitive advantage. Its main objective is supporting continuous business growth through many beneficial features.

SMARTQUEUE® has recently been revamped with 3 new features to help your business provide personalised and optimised service. SMARTQUEUE® is now equipped with:

1. Media Player

With this new feature, the starting menu of the ticketing kiosk can be modified to play a series of images or videos of your choice in these formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, MPEG4, and MP4. It gives you more space to display advertisements or important company information in a more attractive way.

This particular feature will give your business extra benefits, such as:

– Providing additional revenue that your business can gain from the additional advertising space.

– Opening up the opportunity for product promotion and cross-selling.

– Providing an effective way to deliver information to your customers by having the same content play across all ticketing kiosks on repeat.

2. Customisable Kiosk Plate

This new feature enables your business to customise the kiosk plates on the ticketing kiosks to suit your corporate design (its logo, name, style, color palette, etc.) That way, you can make your branding consistent throughout the premise. Being able to customise the plates of the ticketing kiosks will not only make them more attractive and aesthetic, but it will also highlight your brand identity.

3. Visitor Management Solution

With this feature, your business will be able to track all incoming and outgoing visitors. By capturing the details of all people and movements within your business premises, you can make your business a safer and more secure place and improve customer experience. This visitor management solution is also an approach to help your business comply with health regulations set by the government during this pandemic recovery period.

Here are the benefits that come with this feature:

– Preventing high-risk individuals to enter your business premises to keep all your customers and staff safe and healthy.

– Avoiding overcrowding at your business premises.

– Assisting your business in providing a seamless customer journey and an improved customer experience.

– Providing access to detailed analytics on your visitors and premises so that your business can make informed decisions about staffing and resource management.

Its existing beneficial features as well as its new features make SMARTQUEUE® a smart choice for your business to utilise. For more information regarding SMARTQUEUE®, you can click here or email Business Smart Solutions at