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The Easy Way to Ensure the Safety of Government Offices’ Visitors during the Pandemic

COVID-Secure Government Offices: Ensuring Safety with SMARTQUEUE®
COVID-Secure Government Offices: Ensuring Safety with SMARTQUEUE®

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When COVID-19 arrived just over a year ago, it gave everybody quite a scare. Now, one and a half years later, the vaccines are being distributed. Yet, just when we thought everything has gotten better, COVID-19 strikes again with new variants which are more dangerous than the original version.

What You Need to Know about the New Variants of COVID-19

According to WHO, these Variants of Concern (VOCs) ─ Alpha (from the UK), Beta (from South Africa), Gamma (from Brazil), and Delta (from India) ─ are even more easily transmitted from one person to another, which means the risk of being exposed to these new variants is even higher. True, vaccinations are in progress; on the other hand, with the emergence of these VOCs, there is a decrease in the effectiveness of the current vaccine. Therefore, everybody needs to be cautious even when they have already been fully vaccinated

Let’s face it. Nobody wants this virus or its variants around. We are all waiting in hope that this horrendous phenomenon will soon end. The emergence of these new variants makes us realise that there are just things that are beyond our control, but that does not mean we should despair. During this uncertain time, we need to focus on things we can control, such as applying health and safety protocols to help slow the spread of this virus.

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Ensuring a COVID-Secure Government Offices for Its Visitors

Every business and public place must abide by those health and safety protocols, especially places that usually have many visitors or institutions that are vital parts of the community, such as government offices. Despite the current predicament, government offices need to keep operating and providing their services to the community. Otherwise, the nation will not function properly, and as we all know, when the nation does not function properly, there is a chance that it will turn into chaos.

Sure, some services that government offices provide can be acquired online and remotely; however, there are several services that need to be handled in-person, which means people need to go to the location in order to get the services they need. Therefore, government offices need to ensure social distancing is put into practice. One way to do that is by implementing a system that can keep visitors safe during their visit and at the same time enable government offices to provide excellent service and deliver a remarkable customer experience.

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Introducing SMARTQUEUE®: a Queue Management System that will Ensure Social Distancing at Your Premise

Introducing SMARTQUEUE®: a Queue Management System that will Ensure Social Distancing at Your Premise

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As government offices are communal areas, visitors need to wait for their turn to acquire the service they need; therefore, queuing is unavoidable. Queuing can create crowds in the waiting areas, and we cannot have that; not during the pandemic. That is where SMARTQUEUE® comes in.

Business Smart Solutions’ queue management solution, SMARTQUEUE®, is here to help government offices keep their visitors safe even when the new variants of COVID-19 have arisen. This queuing system comes with various beneficial Modules that will aid government offices during this hard time. Hence, crowd within the premise can be controlled easily and social distancing can be put into practice. Here are several SMARTQUEUE®’s Modules that will support government offices’ COVID-safety plan:

  • Virtual Queuing System
    As SMARTQUEUE® has various service delivery channels and touch points on and off-premise, this queuing system allows visitors to flexibly choose how they can access your services. Virtual Queue is one of the service delivery channels that SMARTQUEUE® provides. This Module is an innovation that is particularly developed as a solution to adapt to the pandemic situation. SMARTQUEUE®’s Virtual Queue system enables touchless check-in. Visitors can check-in virtually and independently via their mobile devices before entering your premise, simply by scanning the provided QR code. Therefore, the visitors do not need to touch any shared devices or be in close proximity to anyone, reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Appointment Booking System
    The solution does not only allow the visitors to book and schedule their appointments in advance, but also enables staff to anticipate crowd levels within the premise. Therefore, you can limit how many people are within the premise at once.
  • SMS Notification
    The solution enables your visitors to wait off the premise while waiting for their turn. With this feature, the visitors are kept up to date with their queue status and will be notified when their turn is almost due. That way, they will not miss their turn even when they do not wait within the premise. With the ability to wait somewhere else, this feature decreases the crowd and reduces the time the visitors spend at your premise.

Through the features mentioned above, SMARTQUEUE® diminishes direct interactions between people. Therefore, visitors can feel safe when they visit government offices to acquire services.

There is no better time to implement this system than right now.

For in-depth information on SMARTQUEUE® and its capabilities, click here or contact us.

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