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Benefits of an Appointment Booking System for Healthcare Facilities’ Patient Flow

Benefits of an Appointment Booking System for Healthcare Facilities’ Patient Flow

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It has been proven that vaccines still give the best protection against the COVID-19 virus, regardless of which strain it is. The renewed urgency, caused by the highly infectious Delta strain, prompts the whole world to speed up the vaccination process and get as many people vaccinated as fast as possible; Australia included. Considering giving people their doses of vaccines is the only way to curb this latest outbreak, ensuring a successful vaccination rollout is as crucial as ever.

With how important it is to ensure a speedy and successful vaccination rollout, healthcare facilities shall find a way to make the patient flow as efficient as possible during the vaccination process. Oftentimes, there are bottlenecks in the process, which will slow the whole procedure down and even increase the risk of further virus transmission. The main two sources of these issues are usually the “unmanageable” numbers of people and the lack of organisation. Eliminate these variables and everything will be safer and easier for patients and staff.

There is actually one simple solution to eliminate those variables: an appointment booking system.

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3 Main Reasons Healthcare Facilities should Implement an Appointment Booking System

3 Main Reasons Healthcare Facilities should Implement an Appointment Booking System

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An appointment booking system is beneficial both for healthcare facilities and for their patients. Amongst many others, here are 3 main reasons an appointment booking system can really benefit healthcare facilities:

1. Control and anticipate how many people are coming to the facility: This system will tell healthcare facilities how many people will be coming to the facility on a certain day and time. Furthermore, healthcare facilities can also restrict and limit the number of people in a day. Therefore, further virus transmission can be avoided.

2. Promote efficiency: When patients schedule appointments, the system will automatically update it and healthcare facilities will be informed through the scheduling system. Therefore, it will save a lot of time and the staff can focus more on providing better service rather than administrative tasks such as manually update the schedule every time a patient makes an appointment.

3. Increase patient relationship with healthcare facilities and reduce no-show rate: With this system, staff are no longer need to arrange, issue reminders, or follow up on patient appointments manually. Furthermore, automatic reminders are well appreciated by patients, as they will no longer forget about their appointments.

With those 3 main benefits, an appointment booking system is not only rewarding during this pandemic, but it will also be very useful long after the pandemic is over as healthcare facilities continue with their usual practices and services.

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How SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ can Contribute to Streamline Patient Flow at Healthcare Facilities

If your facility considers implementing an appointment booking system, SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ should be on the top of your list. This appointment booking solution enables patients to schedule appointments through their own devices from anywhere. For healthcare facilities, particularly, here is how SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ will be of great help:

• Enables patients to get information on the services they seek and check real-time queue status and availability in each facility through their mobile devices.

• Provides instant updates for healthcare facilities when patients make appointments, reschedule, or cancel. The number of patients and appointments will also be presented.

• Sends reminders automatically to patients, so that they will be reminded of their upcoming appointments.

• Doctors and staff will also get reminders for their upcoming appointments to ensure professional and timely services.

• Enables healthcare facilities to easily set service availability and booking slots.

• Provides comprehensive day-to-day reporting to identify areas of improvement, increase staff productivity, and optimise service quality.

Our expert consultants will gladly provide you with detailed information on SMARTAPPOINTMENT™ and its beneficial features to help get you started. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at now and complement your facility with this useful appointment booking solution.

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