SMARTQUEUE™ : Queue Management System

Customer Experience Solution: Queue Management System for Vaccination Centre

Streamline the COVID-19 vaccination process with intelligent solutions for a faster and more secure rollout.
Queue Management System for Vaccination Centre

For the successful rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program within the targets of state and federal government, queues within the vaccination centres must be properly organised. Mass volumes of patients visit these centres daily, by appointment and the occasional walk-in.

With the Delta variant running rampant in the world including Australia, it is now more essential than ever to effectively manage the crowds for ensuring a safe patient vaccination experience and reducing the risk of any further spreading within the process.

Ensure a faster and more secure vaccination process with our SMARTQUEUE® Customer Experience Solutions that helps you create a more efficient patient journey that eliminates service bottlenecks and crowds while collecting insightful analytics for continuous improvement.

How SMARTQUEUE® Paves Your Way
towards a Successful COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout

The End-to-End Patient Journey

With a complete set of state-of-the-art features, SMARTQUEUE® offers superior experience in showcasing and displaying foreign exchange rates.

The End-to-End Patient Journey


Omnichannel Patient Check-in

Omnichannel Patient Check-in

Off-Premise Check-in

  1. Appointment Booking
    Let patients avoid crowds and long waits by knowing real-time queue status from each location and booking visits in advance.

On-Premises Check-in

  1. Virtual Queue
    Complementing or substituting patient check-in via ticketing kiosk, it helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by allowing patients to select services or check-in to the queue using their own mobile devices via scanning of QR code.
  2. Physical Ticketing Kiosk
    Identify and process patients effectively with the intuitive and user-friendly self-service system.
  3. Mobile Concierge
    The concierge solution can act as a complement or substitution of other check-in channel. It can give a personalised approach to process patients, aiding and giving on-the-spot services.


Wait for Service Turns and Observation Period at Anywhere

Wait for Service Turns and Observation Period at Anywhere

Let patients avoid crowds by giving them the flexibility to wait elsewhere without worrying about missing their turns. They will be alerted with SMS notifications when their turns to receive the vaccination are almost due.

For patients who choose to wait inside the designated waiting areas, our multimedia display will keep them entertained and informed of the queue while boosting revenue through promotional and paid content.


Get Served Quickly and Efficiently

Get Served Quickly and Efficiently

Staff are able to manage and monitor patient flow easily through web-based app that runs perfectly in any browser. They are able to call patients when their turns to receive vaccinations are due and transfer them to the observation area right after the process is done.

To further ensure no service bottlenecks or crowds are happening at the front, both front-office and back-office staff/ managers are always informed and aware about queue situation in real-time with dashboard monitoring, including number of patients and their waiting time.

SMS notification will also be received if certain SLA of waiting and serving time is exceeded or when front-office staff requires assistance.


Rate Service Experience Easily

Rate Service Experience Easily

Receive direct insight on customer satisfaction levels for continuous improvement of the vaccination centre service performance and patient journey flow.

Why SMARTQUEUE® Improve Patient Experiences for the Better

It Gets Rid of Long Physical Queues

It Gets Rid of Long Physical Queues

Physical queues, where patients are required to line up and wait, pose greater risks by making it difficult for patients to do social distancing properly. With the Delta Variant running rampant with its easy transmission, it becomes essential to have patient experience solutions with omnichannel (online and on-premises) patient check-in, intelligent queue management system, and SMS notification that allow patients to wait for their turns elsewhere.

It Ensures Patients are Safe, Comfortable, and Satisfied

The satisfaction of all patients is a key priority in making sure the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is successful, as positive experiences have the potential to drive more people to get their vaccinations. At BSS, we are experts at providing the best patient experience with quick and efficient patient flow management, flexible and comfortable waiting experiences, and powerful analytics to identify areas of improvement.

It Ensures Patients are Safe, Comfortable, and Satisfied
It Increases Productivity of Staff

It Increases Productivity of Staff

By taking control of queue management at your vaccination centre with SMARTQUEUE®, you can take the burden off of your staff to manage patient volumes and wait times, allowing them to focus on their main tasks – assigned to them based on their skill set. For example, verification officers are focused only on verifying bookings, nurses are only focused on administering the vaccinations, and inventory management staff are focused on ensuring the quality and quantity of the vaccine.

What Makes SMARTQUEUE® Different


Hardware and Operating System Independent

Flexible Licensing Structure

Flexible Licensing Structure


Easily Configurable


Non-proprietary consumables

Flexible implementation

Standalone and/or Enterprise Solution


In-house development


System Integration

Technical Support

Nationwide Technical Support

Omni Channel

Multi-channel Customer Experience

Ensure an a successful COVID-19 vaccination rollout with us. Contact our customer experience specialists to find the right patient journey for you.