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How to Minimise Crowd during the Pandemic

How to Minimise Crowd during the Pandemic
How to Minimise Crowd during the Pandemic

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A widespread disease called coronavirus (COVID-19) has struck the world for over a year now. During this tough and stressful time, safety precautions have to be taken. One of them, which is the most important of all, is social distancing. However, standing in queues is sometimes unavoidable.

Let’s face it, life must go on even though there is this awful virus going around. Living means people have to do errands, such as purchasing goods, going to the banks, going to the service providers, or taking care of business at the government institutions. Therefore, people stand in queues all the time. So, the question is how can people avoid crowds when the fact is they can’t?

It is business leaders’ job to think of a solution to manage queue congestion at the premise in order to keep their customers and staff safe during the pandemic. Many businesses have applied temporary safety precautions for now, but finding a more permanent solution will improve your business in the long run. Therefore, there is no better time to find a long-lasting solution for reducing queue congestion at the premise.

One permanent solution to eliminate queue congestion that you should keep in mind is to adopt a virtual queue system. By adopting a virtual queue system, you will be able to take control of crowd and queue lines, regardless of locations or time of day. Therefore, you will create a safe environment and efficient services during the pandemic or even far after the pandemic is over.

Not only does a virtual queue solution enable you to minimise queue congestion, but it will also enhance customer experience. As we are all aware, the transmission of COVID-19 can occur indirectly through contaminated objects or surfaces, including shared devices in public. Contactless check-in is the solution to this problem. Virtual queuing will reduce cross-contamination by eliminating the need to touch any shared devices.

Furthermore, it allows your customers to get services without the bother of having to wait in queues for a long time at the premise, which is practical during the pandemic and post-pandemic. Utilising this kind of system will show your customers that you care about their safety and value their time. Hence, they will be more likely to have a positive impression of your company and improve your business.

With SMARTQUEUE®, There Will be No More Crowd

The most elaborate and advanced virtual queue management system is SMARTQUEUE®. This exceptional system is developed to help your company grow and improve by providing you with thorough insights into customer experience and service performance across locations. SMARTQUEUE® comes with a plethora of features that not only improves service efficiency, but also able to minimise crowd and prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your premises. It also provides SMS notification along with many other features such as virtual queue, e-ticketing, and online service booking.

SMARTQUEUE® has the capability to send an SMS notification to your customer when their turn is almost due. Without needing to wait at the premise, social distancing can be applied during the pandemic which will significantly minimise crowd.

Even after the pandemic is over, this feature is very practical nonetheless. With SMS notification, your customer is able to run other errands while waiting for their turn, saving so much time by doing something more productive than waiting at the premise. When they get the notification that informs them it is almost their turn, they can return to your premise to be served immediately. Very handy, don’t you agree?

This SMS notification system is not only beneficial for your customers, but also your staff. This is because the system will send SMS or Email notification to the back-office staff when customers’ waiting time or the number of customers waiting for the service exceeds the SLA. This automatic notification will definitely help speed up the process of handling service bottlenecks at the front office.

With SMARTQUEUE® and its functional features, taking control of queue congestion and crowd at your premise will be as easy as ABC. So, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact our consultants here to help you get started.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]