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Do Not Let Your Guard Down! The Long Heavy Road towards Pandemic Recovery

Do Not Let Your Guard Down! The Long Heavy Road towards Pandemic Recovery
Do Not Let Your Guard Down! The Long Heavy Road towards Pandemic Recovery

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Most businesses have started to reopen as we are entering a new optimistic phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, with vaccine rollouts happening on a global scale. However, although it is hard to accept, we are never truly risk-free from being exposed to this virus. According to this article on the NBC Boston website, data shows that being vaccinated drastically lowers the possibility of hospitalization and death, which suggests that those who receive the vaccine can still get the virus, although not as severe. Therefore, being vaccinated does not mean we can let our guard down and abandon health and safety protocols.

The importance of abiding by health and safety protocols ─ despite being vaccinated ─ is also supported by the fact that health experts believe there is a high possibility we will live with this virus for a long time, maybe even permanently. One of the key reasons being the nature of the virus to mutate and creating new variants, which are constantly being analyzed by health experts all over the world. Scary as that sounds, the potential of virus transmission and cross-contamination can be minimized if everyone follows and applies health and safety protocols.

Realizing how vital it is to stay cautious during this difficult time, health and safety protocols must be taken seriously by all business sectors. After all, it is business leaders’ job to protect their customers and staff ─ the most important asset of a business ─ from this virus. Although not easy, it can be with the right devices that will help you apply health and safety precautions in a simpler way. Our COVID-Secure products can do that for you.

With over 30 years of proven expertise as a solution provider for businesses across sectors, we take part to help businesses thrive during pandemic with variety of product innovations that can help you apply health and safety precautions in so much simpler manner compared to conventional devices.

As we are all aware, it is now compulsory in most places to cleanse their hands prior to entering your premises, as a precaution. Although this can be troublesome, it becomes the necessary protocol to abide by. That is why we proudly introduce SMARTGUARD™.

SMARTGUARD™ makes hand sanitizer with the combination of essential information easily accessible for visitors and staff. This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is equipped with an automatic sensor that allows the user to acquire hand sanitizer without contact with any surface; something that conventional sanitizer pumps cannot offer. Moreover, this hand sanitizer dispenser comes with an HD digital signage display for easy information sharing, especially regarding COVID-19 awareness.

SMARTGUARD™ will surely make it easier for you to keep your customers and staff safe during this seemingly endless pandemic. Want to learn more about this solution? Click here or contact our expert consultants at to help you get started.