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Virtual Queue: A Game-Changing Technology to Improve Customer Experience

Virtual Queue: A Game-Changing Technology to Improve Customer Experience
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Nowadays, customers are more demanding than they had been in the past. They want to receive services in an efficient way. This has led to the development of virtual queue systems, which help customers with their interactions with businesses.

The Basics You Need to Know about a Virtual Queue

A virtual queue is a type of queue that allows customers to wait in line for a product or service without having to physically be in line. This technology enables the customers to wait in a queue that is simulated on the screen. A virtual queue is designed to help businesses manage their queues more effectively, streamline queueing processes, and make the customer experience better. It is very beneficial for both the customers and the businesses that implement it.

The Significant Impact a Virtual Queue Has on Customer Experience

Customer experience, also known as CX, is a very important aspect when it comes to business. It can make or break relationships with customers and affect the company’s success in general. The virtual queue technology offers businesses a way to improve the customer experience by providing an efficient and seamless way for customers to get products and services from businesses.

A virtual queue is able to improve customer experience in many ways, some of which are:

1. Enable businesses to provide their customers with better quality services

A virtual queue gives businesses the ability to handle high volumes of customers efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the service. With this technology, the staff can focus more on the service they provide for the customers instead of dealing with physical queues and in-store crowding that accompanies it. Providing a better quality of service will significantly enhance the customer experience.

2. Give the customers the information they need

With virtual queueing, the customers are informed of their position in the queue and their estimated waiting time. They can access the information right from their own mobile devices. They will also be notified when their turn comes. Having access to information regarding their queue tickets and being notified is important for most customers. Not only because it is helpful for them, but also because it can keep them more engaged. That is why providing it will improve the customer experience.

3. Reduce actual and perceived wait times

Customers are more likely to have a great customer experience when they only need to wait for a short period of time before being served. A virtual queue can make it happen; it can reduce both actual wait times and perceived wait times. A virtual queue is able to minimise service bottlenecks and queue congestions, which reduces actual wait times. Furthermore, a virtual queue gives customers the freedom to wait elsewhere and do something else while waiting. It enables customers to continue shopping, doing some work, or even running other errands. Doing something else instead of doing nothing while waiting reduces their perceived wait times. Customer experience will improve when the time spent waiting is as little as possible.

With those in mind, it can be concluded that a virtual queue can really make businesses deliver a better customer experience, which leads to an overall positive outlook of your business. Therefore, your business needs to implement a virtual queue as soon as possible, if it has not already.

Get On Your Customers’ Good Side with SMARTQUEUE®

Get On Your Customers’ Good Side with SMARTQUEUE®
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If you consider implementing a virtual queue system, you should take a look at SMARTQUEUE®, one of the customer experience solutions from Business Smart Solutions (BSS). SMARTQUEUE® is a queue management system that prioritises customer care and encourages continuous business growth. That includes helping businesses deliver an outstanding customer experience.

SMARTQUEUE® has plenty of advantageous features that will help your business thrive. What makes this queue management system special is the Omni-Channel Service Delivery it offers, one of which is Virtual Queue. It enables independent, touchless check-in for the customers through their mobile devices before entering the premise. This virtual queue system also facilitates the customers with useful information that customers can access on their mobile devices. Once they have checked in, they can keep track of their queue status, how many people are ahead of them in line, and the estimated waiting time. Furthermore, the SMS Notifications feature that accompanies this virtual queue system gives the flexibility for customers to wait remotely without worrying about missing their turns. Finally, SMARTQUEUE® is also equipped with a reporting tool that produces comprehensive statistics and KPI reports so that businesses can easily evaluate service and staff performance, along with recognising areas of improvement.

With the plethora of features and benefits, the system brings, trust SMARTQUEUE® to help your business deliver an outstanding customer experience. For in-depth information on SMARTQUEUE® and its Virtual Queue, reach us at