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Introducing Digital Check’s CHEXPRESS® CX30 Cheque Scanner

Introducing Digital Check’s CHEXPRESS® CX30 Cheque Scanner
Introducing Digital Check’s CHEXPRESS® CX30 Cheque Scanner
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Cheques are still used by many businesses today, especially by those that handle a large amount of money almost every day. However, cheque processing can be complicated and take time. Luckily, much like how technological advancements have simplified many aspects of life, cheque processing has also been simplified by the invention of cheque scanners.

A cheque scanner is a device that is able to digitally scan the front and back of a cheque so that the paper cheque is transformed into a digital image. Cheque scanners are developed to make cheque processing more effective by saving both time and costs. Therefore, cheque scanners can really benefit businesses. If you are looking for a bank-quality cheque scanner, then CheXpress CX30 is the one for you!

What Do You Need to Know about CHEXPRESS® CX30?

What Do You Need to Know about CHEXPRESS® CX30?

CheXpress CX30 is a single-feed cheque scanner that is engineered with special document handling technologies. Although it is designed for lower volume check capture environments, the image quality it produces is exceptional. Furthermore, this cheque scanner is offered merely at a small business price, which makes it affordable for any size of business.

Here are several distinctions that make CheXpress CX30 stand out from any other cheque scanners in the market:

Has MICR capability and is able to generate a high-quality image

The CX30 is equipped with high-performance front and rear image cameras with dual pass MICR read-head capability. That means it is able to scan the most challenging cheques, even the ones written with a gel pen.

– Offers multiple scan options

This cheque scanner is suitable for any business service model, as it has two scan modes: “scan and return” and “pass-through”. The “pass-through” mode enables the scanned item to exit the scanner through the back, which makes this mode ideal for self-service settings.

– Practical design

Because of its economical footprint and flexible cable management system, this device does not require much space and can be placed almost anywhere.

– Fast and quiet

This device is ideal for any work environment because it has a rated speed of one second per scan, which makes cheque scanning incredibly fast. It also does not produce any sound while operating.

– Durable

The CX30 has the highest duty cycle of any scanner in its class. It can be used for over a million times cheque scanning and it requires minimal user maintenance.

As Digital Check’s Australian distributor, Business Smart Solutions (BSS) can help you learn more about this device. Contact us at for further inquiries!