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Introducing Digital Check’s TellerScan® TS240 Cheque Scanner

Introducing Digital Check’s TellerScan® TS240 Cheque Scanner

Cheque scanner are a technological marvel that has revolutionised the banking industry and other businesses that handle high-volume deposits. They allow banks and many other businesses to quickly and easily scan and process their customers’ cheques.

Cheque scanners have many benefits for banks and many other businesses. Essentially, cheque scanners can reduce the risk of errors when processing cheques. Back in the day, staff usually have to process each customer’s cheque manually. This process is time-consuming and can result in human errors. By contrast, cheque scanners are driven by technology, so they potentially eliminate human errors. The next benefit of cheque scanners is that they speed up cheque processing. It saves time and frees up staff to do other tasks while the device handles cheque processing. Finally, cheque scanners also enable banks and other businesses to detect fraud easily.

Seeing how beneficial cheque scanners can be, utilising cheque scanners is imperative for banks and other high-volume check capture environments. If you are looking for cheque scanners with many advantageous features, then check out TellerScan TS240!

What Does TellerScan TS240 Offer for Your Business?

What Does TellerScan TS240 Offer for Your Business?

TellerScan TS240 is an auto-feed cheque scanner that is proven for its performance and durability. This device is designed for high-volume deposit capture environments, including capture at the teller window, remote deposit capture, and branch-back counter environments.

Here are several reasons why your business should use TellerScan TS240 to expedite its daily operations:

– TellerScan TS240 has various options for speed configuration.

This cheque scanner is developed to adapt to various deposit capture environments. Depending on how fast you need the scanning to be, the speed of this cheque scanner can be set to 50, 75, 100, or 150 DPM.

– TellerScan TS240 supports ultraviolet (UV) image capture.

This cheque scanner is able to handle ultraviolet image capture so it is suitable even for businesses that utilise the most recent UV document security protection. Without affecting performance, TS240 can easily capture UV-printed security backgrounds and other fraud-prevention features for verification.

– TellerScan TS240 supports multiple printing options.

This cheque scanner offers two printing options: inkjet and thermal printing. The single-line inkjet option can be used for rear endorsement, while the thermal printing option can be used for printing receipts. Although the thermal receipt printer is a separate module, it is configured to fit neatly under the base scanner unit to promote desktop space savings.

– TellerScan TS240 has MICR capability and is able to generate high-quality images.

As this cheque scanner is equipped with high-performance front and rear image cameras with dual pass MICR read-head capability, it is able to scan the most challenging cheques, even the ones written with a gel pen.

– TellerScan TS240 is low maintenance.

This cheque scanner brings convenience to those who utilise it because it is designed to last and does not require frequent part replacements.

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