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5 Reasons to Shift from Conventional Foreign Exchange Rate Boards to SMARTFOREX®

5 Reasons to Shift from Conventional Foreign Exchange Rate Boards to SMARTFOREX®
5 Reasons to Shift from Conventional Foreign Exchange Rate Boards to SMARTFOREX®
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For many businesses, dealing with different currencies in their daily operations is inevitable. Those businesses, such as banks, money changers, hotels, and travel agencies, utilise foreign exchange rate boards to make the rates easily accessible to both customers and staff. However, conventional rate boards are quickly losing their relevance in this modern era. They can have limitations, such as:

– Each display requires manual rate updates.

– They have limited currency display.

– They have a fixed layout and design.

– They require high maintenance costs.

– They do not have additional space for advertisements.

– The light emitted from them has a possibility of dissipating over time.

With those limitations, businesses may face many difficulties, including a higher possibility of human errors, opportunity loss on added revenue, and even the inability to meet the needs, demands, and expectations of customers today. However, because of technological advancements, businesses do not need to worry about those limitations anymore. Now, businesses can utilise a smarter foreign exchange rate display system: SMARTFOREX®.

How Does SMARTFOREX® Benefit Your Business?

How Does SMARTFOREX® Benefit Your Business?
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SMARTFOREX® is an integrated foreign exchange rate display system that facilitates your business with the tools to provide up-to-date rate information for your customers and staff. This cloud-based system is designed to improve decision-making and help streamline business processes.

There are 5 main reasons your business should utilise SMARTFOREX®:

1. SMARTFOREX® may eliminate human errors, time delays, and unnecessary losses.

This cloud-based solution is equipped with centralised update capability, which makes manual rate updates unnecessary. Because of this automation, your business may avoid costs associated with human errors, time delays, and sales of under-valued currency.

2. SMARTFOREX® will improve decision-making.

With this integrated solution, your business will have access to numerous foreign exchange rates that will help improve buy and sell rate decisions.

3. SMARTFOREX®will help maximise revenue.

This solution does not only offer advertising space, but also customisable design and layout. With the additional space for advertisements and promotions, your business will have the opportunity to maximise selling and cross-selling, which will lead to added revenue. Furthermore, customisable design and layout enable your business to highlight special rate currencies and bulk transactions, which will lead to increased sales and revenue.

4. SMARTFOREX® may improve team performance.

Equipped with a monitoring and reporting tool, this integrated solution enables your business to monitor team performance and pinpoint areas of improvement.

5. SMARTFOREX® supports convenience and may reduce maintenance costs.

This integrated solution is compatible with many brands, models, or sizes of hardware. Therefore, it may eliminate manufacturer dependency and spare your business the trouble of dealing with difficult hardware maintenance.

Gain a competitive advantage by utilising SMARTFOREX® now. To know more about SMARTFOREX®, reach us at