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Premium Tablet Enclosure for Your Tablet Devices

For the purposes of commercial display, advertising, classroom learning, customer service or day-to-day work tools, iPad and Tablets are becoming a booming trend.

With such an increasing demand for iPad and Tablets, there also comes the need for secure and innovative device setting for both staff and public access. Therefore, BSS presents you with a full range of iPad and Tablet mounting security solutions to give you the flexibility to choose the most ergonomic and secure mounting for your business.

Choosing the Right Tablet Enclosure

You may be asking, how can I decide which type of iPad or tablet holders, enclosures and/or stands I need for my business? Well, here are steps to guide you


What tablet brand are you using?

For particular brand of tablet, you can choose Apple’s iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab mounting solutions. For other Android tablets, browse from the selection of enclosure-free tablet security solutions.

Do you want your tablets enclosed?

If you prefer to have tablet mounting with enclosure, it is best that you go for iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab Enclosures. Otherwise, go for Enclosure-free Tablet Holders.

What kind of stands do you prefer for your tablets?

Upon choosing enclosures for your iPad/ Tablet, select the type of stands you’d like to mount your tablets on: desk-mounted, wall-mounted or standing kiosk.


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