Customer Feedback Management Solution

Show that you care about your customers by incorporating their feedback into your business improvements.

Realised it or not, customer service is too often reactive, communicating with customers only when they reach out to complain about their negative experiences. Service is compromised and, in competitive market like nowadays, customers tend to go elsewhere. What should you do?

Customers are your best advisors. They know what and how they should get the service much better than anyone else. Therefore, you need to be proactive, reaching out to customers and addressing any issue even before it becomes a major problem.


SMARTSURVEYS™ is a customer feedback platform specifically designed to capture customer experience with service performance in your organisation. Intuitive and user-friendly, it allows customer to leave a comment or feedback with the least possible effort.

Accessible on wireless devices such as Android tablets, iPads, or even self-service touch screen kiosks, this portable customer feedback platform supports convenient, and, therefore, effective information gathering.

SMARTSURVEYS™ is a customer feedback solution that allows you to capture feedback and obtain your customers’ suggestions and opinions on:

  • Rating of service quality provided by each staff or overall quality
  • Type of information, products and services, customers are interested in
  • Constructive feedback on service provision, procedure, and ambience
  • And many more.

SMARTSURVEYS™ makes it easier than ever to create polls and survey questionnaires to learn more about anything, from customer satisfaction to market demand. This feedback capture solution will help you enhance customer service and find ways to boost your revenue.


Increase business profitability through customer insight

SMARTSURVEYS™ does not only enable business leaders to gain an insight into customer behavior and market demand, but also identifies common themes that provide businesses and organisations with:

  • new business opportunities
  • possibilities to value-add existing services
  • other marketing or promotional initiatives

This allows business leaders to make strategic decisions to improve customer experience that can in turn boost corporate revenue.

Reduce costs associated with operational and business risks

With SMARTSURVEYS™, you can easily track down any issue and immediately take corrective action.

Measure customer satisfaction

With SMARTSURVEYS™ comprehensive reporting, you can gauge service performance and customer satisfaction, thus helping you to measure staff performance to consider the needs for training and development.

Reduce carbon footprint

With SMARTSURVEYS™ digital feedback recording, you can minimise the proportion of paper-based surveys or questionnaires, thus reducing paper wastage and carbon footprint.

Improve operational efficiency

This customer feedback management tool cuts operational time involved in customer feedback management and reporting as all the processes are automated and digitised.

Core Features

Integrated Service History

While SMARTSURVEYS™ can accommodate anonymous feedback if your customers prefer not to give their details, it can also link a customer’s feedback to the original transaction or a specific ticket number by:

  • Manually inputting the ticket number on virtual keypad.
  • Scanning the customer’s paper ticket to a barcode scanner that is affixed to the survey device.
  • With this feature, the customer feedback can be made general or specific as it can be linked to the entire transaction, type of service taken, customer’s waiting time, staff serving the customer, etc.

Smart Scheduling

SMARTSURVEYS™ allows you to create different questionnaire for different purpose and set schedule for each questionnaire. With this feature, customer can complete survey before or after their service and SMARTSURVEYS™ will only ask service-related questions to customers who had received the service.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive Reporting

The feedback survey’s results could be generated into tabular and graphical statistics, both for on-demand reporting and scheduled reporting to suit different business requirements.

Centralised Reporting Facility

Customer feedback and overall service quality from all branches can be consolidated at a centralised location or head-office for enterprise level reporting. This enables top-level management to obtain an in-depth view of trends customer preferences and make strategic decisions that benefits both the customers and the business.

Even further, data can be extracted into a number of universal file formats.

Questionnaire’s Customisation

Flexible Number of Questions

SMARTSURVEYS™ allows unlimited number of questions to be displayed, providing flexibility in information gathering. However, it is generally not recommended to ask too many questions as it can be a deterrent for customers to provide their feedback.

Advanced Survey Logic & Branching Questions

SMARTSURVEYS™ gives you control over the survey by defining the question that your customers should answer next based on their previous response. For example, you could ask your customers 2 extra questions regarding to the quality of specific service, however these questions will only appear if they have received that service previously. This means you can create interactive surveys that respond to your customers’ answers and gather more specific information.

Flexible and Easy-to-Configure Feedback Questionnaire

SMARTSURVEYS™ makes format, length and content of each feedback questionnaire easily configurable. Whether it is a smiley face, single/multiple options, or free text form questionnaire, you can list as many as possible questions as necessary.

Customisable Questionnaire Design

The feedback survey application can be personalised to suit your brand guidelines and corporate identity. Otherwise, you can choose a theme from our vast selection of templates and color palettes.
Ultimately, SMARTSURVEYS™ enables companies to take care of their customers and keep them satisfied through a customer-focused service.

In this competitive market, there are many companies out there ready to take your customers should they decide to leave. Talk to us today and let us help you improve your customer service with SMARTSURVEYS™.

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