Enhance the safety and security of your business premises with SMARTQUEUE® Visitor Management Solution. The integration of this solution with our other experience solutions, such as our Queue Management System, would ensure your visitors receive a frictionless and holistic customer journey.

What is Visitor Management?

Within our interpretation, the Visitor Management Solution is an answer to making the business premises a safer and more secure place by tracking the incoming and outgoing of visitors, especially considering the pandemic recovery period we find ourselves in.

The combination of SMARTQUEUE®’s customer experience solutions with the Visitor Management Solution ensures the accurate tracking and reporting of both end-to-end visitor and customer journey.

Visitor Management

How it Works
Visitor Management


Customisable Check-in Forms

Set what type of information is needed from the customer to facilitate a proper visitor check-in, either for your own files or in-line with government protocols.

Check-in Every type of Visitor

Whether its staff, customers, contractors, etc, capture the details of all people and movement within your business premises.

Analytics and Reporting

In addition to detailed reporting from our customer experience solutions, have more in-depth data of what is happening within your business premises.

Complying with Health Regulations

Within the pandemic recovery period, the government often direct businesses to have protocols in place to track movement of outbreaks, in which the Visitor Management Solution can assist in.


Keeping the welfare of both staff and customers

Welcome employees and customers into an inviting business atmosphere, confident of its safety, and avoid overcrowding.