An Innovative and Cutting-Edge Solution for
Your Foreign Exchange Rate Display

SMARTFOREX® is a web-based currency display board solution that facilitates display of exchange rate information along with captivating audiovisual messages through an attractive, modern display. It eliminates common problems of conventional forex display through a series of dynamic features built for the finest flexibility, performance, and productivity.

Smart and sleek, SMARTFOREX® provides elegant addition to your premises, reflecting your commitment to keeping your business and technology current.  As the latest innovation on foreign exchange currency display, it offers simplicity through a user-friendly interface and power to optimise business potential and maximise your profits.
  • Enhance your brand image
    Leverage SMARTFOREX®’s professionally designed interface to boost or complement your corporate brand.
  • Update your rates anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
    Easily and effortlessly update rates and contents at your convenience.
  • Attract customers with compelling multimedia display
    Attract and entertain your customers with visually engaging and informative displays.
  • Up-sell & cross-sell with promotions & integrated advertising
    Boost your sales opportunities by highlighting the ‘on-sale’ & ‘bulk’ money transactions, advertisements, or other marketing information
Suitable for banks, hotels, money changers, airports, travel agencies and many more, this scalable currency information display is the ultimate solution for businesses with single office to multi-branch enterprises.

Main Features

With a complete set of state-of-the-art features, SMARTFOREX® offers superior experience in showcasing and displaying foreign exchange rates.

Over 150 ready-to-use international currencies

Display an unlimited number of currencies and multiple types of rates (banknotes, T/T, T/C) according to your business needs.

Flexible currency display

Add in or remove currencies as your business shifts and expands, switch their positions within the board to highlight different sets of currencies as demand and supply changes.

Streamlined and convenient rate updating

SMARTFOREX® allows you to easily and quickly update the entire currency rate boards’ content via USB, wireless keyboard, or remotely through its user-friendly web application.

Integrated multimedia advertising

Attract customers and increase your sales opportunity with various multimedia formats (still images, videos, music, slideshows, etc.).
Display advertisements to promote, up-sell/cross-sell your products and services, or rent the advertising space to shorten ROI

Modern design & layout

SMARTFOREX® is designed to be modern foreign exchange rate display with a clean and eye-catching design.
Enhance your corporate image with our various selectable display templates.

Special rate currency promotion

Optimise your sales volume and win more customers by highlighting and promoting ‘on-sale’ currencies and ‘bulk’ money transactions when they’re on.

Non-proprietary hardware

SMARTFOREX® is hardware agnostic, which means it is compatible with PCs, LCD monitors, and any supplementary devices of any brands, models and sizes. This allows you to use your existing hardware or source them from your preferred vendors for more cost-effective investment.

Premium Features

SMARTFOREX® offers these premium features to further supercharge your foreign currency display.

Centralised system configuration

Multi-branch organisations can leverage the centralised setup to easily distribute foreign exchange rate values, latest advertising, or marketing content to all their branches, regardless of their locations across all or selected displays.
The centralised configuration will greatly reduce costs and efforts, increase business productivity, and optimise existing infrastructure for value-adding activities.

Personalised design

Customise SMARTFOREX® to your corporate brand to provide a consistent look and feel across your premise.

Display RSS feeds

Broadcast live RSS feeds such as weather forecasts, breaking news, and many more with SMARTFOREX® to draw potential customers with complementary information.

Integration with currency exchange system

Integration service will further streamline or even automate rate updates. This will allow SMARTFOREX® to provide automatic real-time or scheduled data updates with no human intervention.

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