Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Any message. On any display. To any audience. At any time. From a single platform.

The Four Winds Interactive (FWi) software platform provides a flexible and powerful solution for creating, managing, distributing, and displaying your digital content from a single platform to one display or multiple signs or kiosks throughout your business network.

The Key Benefits
of Interactive Digital Signage Solution


Streamline operations and reduce operating costs

The digital signage solution from Four Winds Interactive (FWi) comes with dynamically state-of-the-art features that help you cut down significant amount of manual work needed to update static signs.


Attract attention and get your messages noticed!

The digital signage solution from Four Winds Interactive (FWi) helps you visualise message and break through the clutter of boring paper signage with a dynamically attractive way to get your message noticed.


Transform communications

The digital signage solution from Four Winds Interactive (FWi) gives you the power to transform your communication into eye-catching, dynamic digital messaging, which is easy to understand.


Make your guests feel at home

The digital signage solution from Four Winds Interactive (FWi) is a perfect solution with digital mapping and wayfinding stations to help your guests navigate through winding hallways, find their room, and make them feel at home.


Give your centre the edge

The digital signage solution from Four Winds Interactive (FWi) is a perfect solution to enhance event calendar displays, as well as additional advertising for convention site restaurants and shops. It has even been the most favoured media to generate ad revenue, typically by providing prime advertising space for local-area hotels and motels.


Keep diners informed and happy

Digital signage solution from Four Winds Interactive (FWi) is more than just an eye-catching addition to enhance the display of menus in your restaurants. With an easy-to-use, web-based content management interface, it allows you to quickly make changes to menu options, promotional items, and relevant message that will keep your diners informed and happy.


Keep everyone playing

The digital signage from Four Winds Interactive (FWi) helps casino not only keep players on the floor but most importantly brings casinos new generation kiosk of software which has revolutionised slot machines, video poker, and other gaming favourites into something that keeps everyone playing.

Digital Signage Solution
is Suitable For

Bank And Financial

Banks and Financial Institutions


Hotels and Resorts


Airports, Seaports, Terminals, and Train Stations


Money Changers and Money Transfers

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