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Increase the efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in encoding any MICR fields using impact technology to reduce reject rate and cheque fraud.

SMARTENCODE™ is a cheque encoding application for any financial institution or document processing centre looking for ways to shorten the cheque encoding cycle.

SMARTENCODE™ streamlines cheque encoding processes by enhancing the quality of cheque encoding, creating a strong foundation for a secured transaction.

With online integration to MICR encoders, the application gives the flexibility to encode MICR on cheques including full encoding, pre-encoding for cheque book issuing, post encoding for amount encoding and any other fields in consecutive order automatically.

SMARTENCODE™ is user configurable to print any number of cheques when requested. It automatically stores the figures in the database, and cheque status are consistently updated for control and monitoring purposes.

Cheque encoding is secure in two ways with SMARTENCODE™. The impact printing method gives a more distinct MICR imprint, resulting in a longer lasting cheque. It also allows for a total management of encoded cheques.

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FZ-1027 MICR Encoder


SMARTENCODE™ is personalisation capable, with user defined templates to print personalisation when connected to any standard printer**.

This system utilises FZ-1181 MICR Reader-Encoder machine to automate the amount encoding process on outward cheques.

This system utilises FZ-1181 MICR Reader-Encoder machine to automate the amount encoding process on outward cheques.


Faster printing of cheques. 

SMARTENCODE™ Drives MICR Encoders to print as many cheque documents consecutively in 1 click, replacing manual placement and insertion when cheques are printed 1 by 1.

Reduces reject rates and risks of cheque fraud.

solution fuses MICR ink with the paper through its impact, typewriter style technology.

One step ahead.

All MICR information encoded within the cheques are stored securely in a database allowing you to use the data for further business processing.

Multipurpose encoding.

solution can be configured to encode any fields unlike other encoders where encoding ability is more complex and encoded on specific fields only.

Accurate printing all the time.

SMARTENCODE™ increments cheque serial numbers during the encoding process that removes any rooms for errors and inefficiency during printing.



Auditable cheque processing tasks


Flexible MICR field encoding configuration


Personalisation capability (optional)


Uses impact technology


MICR recognition technologies


Integration capability with other applications


Exportable to other data formats (e.g. CSV for further data processing)


Multi-level security or access rights


Off-line or online mode

Help Your Business:

  • Meet window times for the following cheque process
  • Minimise significant costs from manual operations
  • Streamline cheque encoding process
  • Achieve business objects with efficiency and effectiveness
  • Leverage corporate image
  • Expedite all cheque encoding processes

Help Your Customers:

  • Minimise cheque fraud
  • Reduce cheque reject rates
  • Increased levels of customer service
  • Improved customer or member responsiveness
  • Instant delivery of cheques to customers
  • Increased security and cheques last longer
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