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Queue Management System

Our main focus is to support you, your business continuity and the safety service to your customers. The current situation regarding COVID-19 has required us all to take precautionary measures in various areas. Our intention is to provide you with solutions that can help you in managing queues more effectively, improving customer experiences while keeping safety as a priority.

Queue Management Smarter and Safer Queuing  at Your Premise during COVID-19 Pandemic

The Main Features of Our Enterprise Customer Experience Solution

Find the best time to visit

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solution enables your customer to check the queuing status at your premises prior to their visit.  Through a simple web interface, the queue status information can be displayed on your website, allowing customers to find the best time to visit your premises when queue is short and area is not crowded.

Queue Management Apps for booking
Queue Management Apps

Avoid waiting in line

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solution is supported with online appointment booking system which allows your customer to book for a service in advance. This way, you can manage your staff and customers more efficiently, preventing too many people coming at the same time, creating crowds, and ensuring your staff to make enough preparation before serving customers.

Help practice social distancing

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solution helps practice social distancing by allowing your customer to wait off-premises. An SMS notification will be sent to them once their turn is almost due. This way, they can wait for their turn in the comfort of their car, or at any place they think is safer from cross-contamination of COVID-19, before receiving their service.

Queue Management system SMS Notifications

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