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Glory CC-1302

Coin Counting Machine

The most convenient and quickest way to handle mixed coins can be entrusted to CC 1302 adapted with the latest technology of coin detection system developed by REIS.

Glory CCR-10 – Coin Counting Machine

Coin Counting Machine

The CCR-10 meets the needs of businesses in a wide range of markets, including banks, casinos, distribution services, currency exchanges, armored vehicles, and vending machine operators.

Glory CP-11

Compact Coin Counter

This user-friendly, compact coin counting machine, the CP-11, counts at speeds of 1,800 coins per minute. Operation is simplified because the controls and LED display are located on the top front panel. The operator can specify both the denomination and the batch numbers, while the display indicates the current coin count (5 digits) and the batch number (4 digits). The functional design enhances ease of operation and readability, along with overall efficiency. The CP-11 can be set to stop at any number from 5 to 9,999. Automatic stops are factory-preset at 20/25/40/50/100/200/1,000/2,000/4,000/5,000 for your convenience. The CP-11 packs a host of advanced functions in a compact and sleek design.

Glory WR-90

Coin Counting Machine

The floor standing WR-Series features robust coin wrappers producing up to 40 coin rolls per minute.