Flip iPad Enclosure Kiosk (for iPad Mini)

Desk-mounted Enclosures

Specially designedfor personal and professional display settings while maintaining the security aspect of the iPad, this flip iPad enclosure kiosk features flipping movement allowing display screen to be easily shared by opposing sides of the table. Coupled with a low profile, security cubed base, not only does this iPad enclosure facilitate display convenience, it also provides efficient cable management fitting to most universal power cable cutouts.

Flip iPad Enclosure Kiosk (for iPad Mini) Flip iPad Enclosure Kiosk (for iPad Mini) Flip iPad Enclosure Kiosk (for iPad Mini)

For a completely functional unit, this iPad enclosure kiosk is also able to rotate in 90 degree angle, enabling you to display the iPad in landscape or portrait orientation.

Available colours: Black / White



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