Enclosure-free iPad Holders

For the enclosure free iPad locking mechanism, we offer you sleek and trendy iPad holders that present and secure your tablets in the most cleanly and pleasant manner possible. Suitable for non-hazardous environments such as retail stores, corporate offices, school labs, VIP lounges and even your personal home entertainment spaces, these iPad holders optimise your space whilst still exuding professionalism.

Designed by adopting some features of top-selling iPad stands and Galaxy Tab locks, our iPad holders guarantee you clean, effective and, most importantly, secure iPad displays.

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Enclosure Free iPad Holder

Enclosure-free iPad Holders Providing you ...

Enclosure Free iPad Holder (for iPad Air)

Enclosure-free iPad Holders Made of high ...

Enclosure Free iPad Holder (for iPad Mini 2)

Enclosure-free iPad Holders Made of high ...


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