Highly Secure and Stylish LCD Ceiling Mount (Screen Size ≥ 32


ATDEC Telehook TH-3070-CTW

This unit is shipped with a single display head but can be upgraded with an accessory pack to support dual screens with back-to-back configuration.

Extremely strong and stylish, Telehook TH-3070-CTW secures your LED, LCD or Plasma displays onto your ceiling, making it suitable for commercial application.

Featuring a high quality finish and extended security, Telehook TH-3070-CTW also highlights adjustable telescoptic pole which can be configured for a number of different screen heights. Its removable (lockable) display brackets allows flexible tilt adjustment and display levelling. Additionally, Telehook TH-3070-CTW also features advanced internal cable management which makes this ceiling mount ergonomic and aesthetic for public display.

Included in the package is a mounting plate affixed directly to the ceilingand brackets attached to the display unit using screws. Cabling is run up through the pole into a cavity area or exited at the ceiling surface. Upon cabling the LCD screen can simply be lifted,secured in place and the cables connected. 
Suitable for attachment to flat timber or cement ceiling structures, this ceiling mount can be used with TVs with either VESA standard or non-standard mounting hole patterns.

Weight: 10.30 kg



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