Hard-case iPad Enclosure (for iPad Air)

Desk-mounted Enclosures

Hard-case iPad Enclosure is a combination of hard-plastic iPad casing and a cable lock system that provides absolute protection and security to the displayed iPad. This iPad enclosure does not only protect your iPad from unwanted scratches or indentation, but it also prevents the iPad from being misplaced or stolen.
Hard-case iPad Enclosure (for iPad Air) Hard-case iPad Enclosure (for iPad Air) Hard-case iPad Enclosure (for iPad Air)

The simplistic design of this hard-case iPad enclosureallows you to easily use all features on your iPad despite having the iPad enclosure encasing the device. The iPad case is made of strong yet smooth plastic that holds the iPad perfectly and a cable lock that connects to the right side of the case. This hard-case iPad enclosure is very flexible and light, not to mention stylish. The 2-meter long cable lock is made of steel with a very small yet extremely strong head lock. Once the iPad case and the cable are attached together, it is impossible to detach the case without breaking the iPad.

This iPad enclosure is also equipped with a stand at the back of the case. The iPad stand allows the device to be mounted on desktop or countertop. For additional security measure, you can add an anchor point to set the cable lock to a fix point on the display table or a nearby wall.

Available colours: Clear/Red/Black


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